52: How to find your purpose


Welcome friends to Episode #52 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. It’s a funny thing about how we go through life completely unaware of this idea of a purpose and suddenly, when we start to wonder “what is my purpose?” – we suddenly feel this sense of overwhelm. We’ve been so busy making a living that we didn’t think about what this means to us. Maybe you’ve had a traumatic event happen in your life, leaving you reeling and wondering – is this it? Let’s dive into what a purpose is and how to find it.

You might have often felt this sense that there are people in this world who seem to really have a purpose. They seem strong, confident, successful, and they move with purpose. Their life seems intentional, not accidental – and they seem to know what they’re doing at all times. Do you have someone in your life who you can think of that emanates a sense of purpose? If so, good! If not, see if you can think of one person today.

Now that you have that person in your mind, I want you to think about how they discovered their purpose. Do you think they came out of the womb knowing that this is what they were going to do with their lives? Most likely not! Instead, they likely started with an interest or curiosity and then they tried to do something with it. They didn’t know what it would look like. This is the key.

We often think that our purpose comes to us in a box, wrapped up with a message declaring, “here it is!” This is why we get frustrated thinking, “I wish it was more clear” and asking “how do I know if this really is it?”

Life is growth. Life isn’t a map. It’s not a point A to point B and then you’re done. Life is about growing. Your purpose will never be contained into a destination or an achievement of material goods. It will live in the land of experiences and possibilities. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself if you’re uncovering your personal passions and identifying what that purpose looks like in your life:

  1. What lesson do you think you’re here to learn? 
  2. What problems in this world would you like to solve?
  3. What are your interests and what would you like to learn?
  4. Who would you like to learn from and why?
  5. What would you like to create in this world?

In summary, you’re not going to find your purpose without some action. Take a step towards seeing your life as one beautiful lesson and you will find purpose in that. Look at what problems you know you can solve – and help someone or something – even if you’re not paid to do so (yet). What are your curious about and where do you want to learn more? Sign up for a course, read a book, listen or watch something to help stimulate your mind in the areas you feel some excitement around. Think of a person you’d love to meet and learn from. Why is that person meaningful to you? What do they represent? How do they live their lives? Finally, our purpose gets charged by our ability to turn energy into matter – so what do you want to create?

Your purpose isn’t a job, although it can be. It’s also not a person, although it can be. Purpose comes from finding a compelling reason for doing something. It’s what gets you out of your head and into your heart. When you get overwhelmed with this idea of purpose remind yourself that even in this discovery process, you are living your purpose. There is no gap between the purpose and you. I repeat – there is no gap between the purpose and you. Your life being lived is an amazing artistic expression – purposeful in and of itself – without you having done anything or justified your existence. The process of finding your purpose was never meant to be the final thing that allowed you to live fully. Finding your purpose was to show you that you get to live your life fully. That the reason for anything is because you desire it to be this way. That the reason for you to ask this question was because you feel you’re not living your life fully. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and think of what you want to do next. Honor that. Live that. Repeat. 

Living in alignment with what you know to do and what your highest self is calling you to do may be one of the most purposeful things you can do with your life. It is accessing our highest intelligence for the highest good of ourselves and others and acting in alignment with our intuition. This may sound simple – to love and act from a place of love – but isn’t this one of the most purposeful things you can do in your life? Honor yourself, trust yourself and experience the full richness of life and you’ll be living into your purpose – no matter what you’re doing.

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