How do I start meditating? What should I do next with my career? How do I get back on track THIS year? What do I want in my next 5 years? I've got the A's to your Q's. Just dive on in from the comfort of your home!


Let's get started, shall we?

Want the ultimate thought partner? Invest in private coaching 1:1 with me to up-level, transform, and move you into action. You'll see all my behind-the-scenes strategies and have an all-inclusive pass to all my courses and events.

Change takes time, courage, and support. Often times, there's a change we're toying with--whether in our careers or personal lives--that brings up so many daunting emotions, we keep putting it on the back burner and fall back on what makes us comfortable--even if it makes us miserable. 

Maybe you want to make a career change, feel more in control of your life, spend less time on work and more time on your personal life. Maybe you know there's something more for you and you want help stepping into that new life.

We'll work together to create an entirely different world from the inside out. Reprogramming your subconscious and identify the steps to bring your change to life. No more thinking about doing something. We're going to do it together.

My 1:1 coaching is personalized for you - with email access and support when you need it. You also have access to all courses and retreats I offer while we are coaching together.

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Join me in February for a 4-night/5-day retreat at Vida Mountain Resort & Spa, an adult-only boutique resort sitting on 11 acres of land, located in Salvador de Piedades Sur in Costa Rica! Imagine a place off the beaten path with winding roads and rolling hills, surrounded by mountains and tropical forests, away from city sounds and tourist crowds, where you quickly learn to appreciate silence and practice stillness.

Relax under the stars, immerse yourself in nature, breathe in fresh mountain air; recharge. Talented local chefs will prepare you three delicious, healthy and balanced meals daily to keep you fueled and happy. Daily yoga for grounding and strength. Experience local activities/food. All of which are included in the retreat package. A full itinerary will be emailed before your stay.

This retreat will focus on healing, embodiment, connection and calm to build the foundation for your next chapter. We will use yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, forest therapy, journaling, chakra healing and movement to release fear, experience connection and step into our most authentic and whole selves. Together, we are stronger.


experiential retreats

healing and embodiment

4 night/5 day retreat |
FeB 16th - 20th 2022  COSTA RICA


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