51: Rituals & Cacao with Kasey Smith of The Cosmic Cacao


Welcome friends to Episode #51 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. I love the power of rituals. How many of you love to start your day with a coffee, tea, juice, smoothie or even a glass of warm water with lemon? Do we think about them as just something we consume or do we infuse it with intention?

What if we could create intentional rituals that lead to more magical days? This is the power of rituals.

Today, I share with you a live from Instagram where I talk to Kasey Smith, health coach, yogi and the founder of The Cosmic Cacao. We talk about the heart-opening qualities of cacao and how intentionality with what we put into our bodies can change how we begin our days and lives. If you have cacao on hand, feel free to make cacao with us as we’ll be making it together during this episode!

We will cover:

  • How she started The Cosmic Cacao
  • Why self-kindness is an essential practice
  • The power of intention to generate beautiful experiences
  • Infusing mantras into our food and creative processes
  • How to make the Goddess elixir using The Cosmic Cacao

To order The Cosmic Cacao, go to https://thecosmiccacao.com

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As we finish March 2021, let’s begin the process of intentional creating, manifesting and celebrating all that we want to bring into our lives this year. It’s time for Q2 Clarity. Sign up to get workshop details at https://mayempson.com/embodiment.

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