130: Developing Your Internal Compass


Welcome friends to Episode #130 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. When you have a hard time making a decision or deciding what to do next, it feels like the options are endless. How do you know what to do with your life when you don’t know what is right for you? We’ve often been conditioned to think that what’s right is what others think and believe are right, but we also know that we want to develop a greater sense of confidence in ourselves. We want to develop our own internal compass and process for making decisions. Today’s podcast will help you do just that so let’s dive right in.

I’m in Sedona right now finalizing some retreat details and creating experiences with friends I’ve had since high school. There is a quality of energy in Sedona that is very high. Often, when I go to places where nature is overwhelmingly present, I feel this sensation. A sense of clarity and almost a dejavu type of feeling. I know it’s one of the ways that I’ve experienced non-linear time. Realizations can often come to show you that the decisions you made yesterday, a year ago or even a second ago are shaping your life’s experience. 

Often on trips with a lot of people, I know I can feel the urge to shapeshift to whatever is needed of me and at times it has felt like abandoning myself. It hasn’t been this case for a while and even though I still pick up and feel a lot of energy at times, my reality and the actual experiences I have keep becoming better than I imagined. Some of my most important moments have nothing to do with titles or money. They have been my own realizations that I am actually listening to myself, my own internal compass. Being more compassionate and open – trying to withhold judgment and let myself live in my direct experience. Goal attainment is step one. Developing my internal compass is step two. I do this without going to extremes and taking on enormous risk. I always challenge myself and clients to make this the most pragmatic and reasonable thing possible. 

This internal compass concept resonates with Spiritual Achievers because after you’ve realized that you can achieve goals and that you’ve done difficult things again and again, you know that the next challenge isn’t doing more of the same. It’s living a life with a greater sense of purpose. It’s knowing that you’ve developed a strong enough internal compass that you can succeed even more.

Your internal compass is closely tied to your spirituality. It is your sense of purpose and asking yourself the bigger questions like, “why am I here in this world?” What it is not is your own opinions devoid of questions and interactions with the world around you. 

Many times people go down the path of shunning the outside world, isolating themselves and developing their internal compass from there, but many of us don’t want to do that nor is it the most helpful thing for us at this time. We have lives filled with families, businesses, friends and activities that are part of what makes life meaningful. We need to learn how to do this with others and with ourselves.

Instead of thinking that you need to reject the world, how do you use the world and the reality you are in to guide you?

If you’re not sure of the exact end destination, it’s not a problem. What really matters more is your sense of direction. Where do you think you want to go with your life? That’s what a compass is for – a guide to show you where you are and where you’re going. Whether it’s the next mile or the next 200 miles, the next year of your physical and mental health or the next job – there is still a sense of direction. A pull that feels almost magnetic that shows us our true north.

We often think an internal compass is a set of rules, but what it really means is that you have a map. Your own compass will map you to success that feels meaningful to you. Whether that means that you’re making more accurate and effective decisions in your business because you’re getting better at harnessing your intuition – or whether that means that you say what you really mean and are more authentic in relationships. It’s all the same. You are leading yourself down the path.

The energy that comes from following your intuition and own internal compass is a virtuous cycle. You learn more about yourself. You learn more about your decision-making biases. You learn what happens when you don’t follow your intuition. You learn what happens when you do. You also learn how to take in information from the outside world and marry the two together.

We don’t live in a vacuum. We do live in an interconnected world. One that is teeming with places to go, experiences to have and realities to co-create. It is a beautiful thing and an awe-inspiring thing to witness. 

I remember that ever since I was a child, I’ve felt a pull towards spirituality. It would find me through my mom – my first guru. It would find me through one meditation experience that started my meditation practice as a child. It would find me through my decisions to ignore my intuition and see what that created. I learned through trial and error. Through realizing that the voice inside was more powerful than I realized. That what I knew wasn’t always readily apparent to others and that it wasn’t better or worse, but it was the most valuable thing I had. It was my own energy running through me that could not be replicated, duplicated and when ignored would give me a kick in the pants.

This was the internal compass – the energy currents coming from life decisions, cause and effect. This is also your internal compass. Everyone has one. Everyone has the ability to develop it even more. To learn how to read their compass through learning how to read your own energy and that of others. To learn your own life path and understand how to guide yourself through the times when you are the most confused or have the most questions.

It will be your most important asset that when you invest time, energy and resources into, will give you a 1000x return. 

Know you’re going to still feel self-doubt when you have your internal compass. You’re human. I also know that you’re going to feel the most energized when you follow that internal compass and see how even when you’ve made decisions that felt like failures, they weren’t net-negative. They helped you learn what not to do and what doesn’t make sense anymore for you.

Once you develop your own internal compass, you can then understand others more. What’s the most important thing for you right now? You’ll learn the answers to those questions, which will help you reduce stress, simplify your life and be even more impactful in everything you do.

You can see what other people’s internal compasses look like, where they are going and what they desire. With that, you’ll know if you’re going in the same direction.

Just like a real compass is constantly changing and showing you something new as you move, your own internal compass will be moving to redirect you when you make new moves. Left is north. Yes, keep going – this is my north. This place, not that one. This person, not that one. You know these things, even if you don’t act on them. You know that sense of pull that keeps you wondering or thinking about something even when you hear the outside voices competing? That’s your internal compass. 

Before you put your energy into an action, you will be able to calibrate to that compass and make a more informed decision. This is what I do with my clients. We work on understanding their true north. It may look like the type of role they want to create with their work. It may also look like the type of person they want to be. It can also be how they make business decisions. The possibilities are vast. When everything looks uncertain or you wonder if you’re on the right track, this is what we turn to to remind us of what life is all about. 

I want to encourage you to know that you’re creating a new path right now. You need that internal compass more than ever. You are purposely moving off the beaten path and forging a new one, but you’re heading towards a destination that you are being guided towards. One that you’ve known was in store for you. Now is the time. You’re making the moves and decisions to put the plans into place. Even if you wanted to delay, stall or wait – life is here asking you if you really want to go after what you want. If you do, it’s go-time friends. 

One decision to be willing to listen to those internal nudges will turn on that internal compass. One decision to act on those nudges will create an even more clear path. Once you see what it feels like and how to trust yourself, the results you will create through your spiritual world will prove to you how real and effective this compass is. It’s about to get fun and a little bit nerve-wracking at the same time but it is so worth it. Get ready for the adventure ahead.

If you are interested in the world of spirituality, energy and co-creation while also wanting to achieve big things in life, I invite you to join me for Spiritual Achievement coaching. Figuring out what’s next just got easier when you have a roadmap and tools to help you dig deeper into your own journey of self discovery. In our work together, we’ll make decisions and you will get coached to a deeper level than you ever thought possible. This is what’s waiting for you. Reach out at www.mayempson.com/contact, today.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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