129: Keeping Forward Momentum


Welcome friends to Episode #129 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. There will be times when you’ve made a ton of progress. Congratulations. You’re seeing the fruits of your labor. At that point, we often think about stopping and pausing. We wonder if we want to keep going hard or not towards this endeavor. Do we keep climbing? How do you keep forward momentum during those moments? When you’ve made a ton of progress and dread the idea of having to continue all that hard work or worry you can’t sustain the effort, you’ll want to listen to today’s podcast on keeping forward momentum.

There’s a fallacy about progress that I want to address. It’s the notion that we always have to keep moving forward. Forward will look different for each person. We often think forward means bigger goals, more money, more time and a sense of more. But what if progress and forward looked like less? What if it looked like a dropping away of all the things that we know to be true. What if it was releasing everything and starting over again?

The reason this is such an important topic to address is because many achievers spend most of their lives in search of forward momentum. You take decades to achieve, create, build and will often reach a point where you realize that this isn’t exactly what you came to planet Earth for. You’ll start thinking that “more” you were in search for was really an illusion. It was a dream, yet you thought it was real life. What now?

This is where I come in. When you’ve either done 2 things. The first is that you’ve hit a breaking point where it’s too much and you don’t want to keep living life this way. This can look like subtle hints like a slight sense of dissatisfaction, or maybe even just seeing yourself in the mirror and thinking “this isn’t who I thought I would be”, or just walking on a hike one day and feeling like you’re done with the job, the person or the way you’ve been showing up in the world. 

The second is when you’ve hit the forward progress point, gotten a taste of what evolution, ascension and growth looks like and want more. You’re tapping into who you think you really are, you’re challenging yoursef in new and different ways, and you’re realizing that you’re at the tip of the iceberg. That if life looks pretty amazing with just what you’re doing now, imagine 10x of this – life could be so much more expansive than you realized. You realize that you’ve turned the corner, but want to know what’s around the next corner. You want to stop living accidentally and more intentionally.

Keeping forward momentum at this point will often look hard, overwhelming and exciting at the same time. How do you keep up the energy that you had when you started on your journey? How do you continue to believe when the results don’t look like they used to? How do you decide to keep going even when you get tired? How do you know when to rest and integrate everything that you’ve been learning? How do you know what’s next?

This is what keeps you up at night. This idea of sustainability. This idea of “can I or will I keep this up?” This idea that maybe, you don’t want to keep going but you feel so guilty and sometimes even trapped by the ivory tower you created for yourself. What if people depend on you? What if you depend on you? This is often why people think money, a partner, a spiritual vision or perfect health will solve their problems. They believe that the arrival of their goals will be what makes it all easier.

The truth is that it does and it doesn’t. You’ll get to that point and the work you’ve done before will be easier. You’re that person now that knows how to think, believe and be the person that has those results. It’s programmed into your body from your mind all the way down into the fabric of your being. You’ve done this. What you haven’t done is to sustain this new level where you are now.

What you haven’t done is sustain this person you are who holds a certain level of thinking, actions and emotional vibration. You’ve entered a new dimension in your life, but you don’t know if you’re just visiting for a brief period of time or if this is your new home.

Yet, you know that this is where you need to be, not just visiting from time to time. You want to be that person who can consistently achieve their goals not just for yourself but for the benefit of others. You want to live into that version of yourself that is clear, purposeful, confident and happy. You know it’s what you’re here to do – to continue to deepen your relationship with yourself and learn how to develop your intuition to the point where you trust yourself, life because you understand how the world works.

Forward momentum will shift and move as you shift and move. You will access it at different points in your timeline of growth. Not everything looks the same and that is on purpose. Sometimes the things that create the illusion that you’re not growing are the exact things you will grow through if you allow yourself to accept them into your life. Ask yourself, “what am I learning now?”

The hardest thing for achievers to do is pause. To stop the movement and ask questions that are of service to themselves. Achievers are excellent at doing this for others, but not for themselves. There is a sense of needing to carry the load for others and do the hard work so that others won’t have to do it. It is a benevolent intention that serves many purposes. It helps you succeed, be a team player and you will be reliable to others around you. Yet, when your soul’s growth requires you to pivot and change the way you show up in the world by stopping or pausing or not serving other people the same way you have been – it is the hardest thing for you to do.

Yet it is the most important thing for you to do right now. When I work with my clients, we tap into that next level of their soul’s growth. It takes time to do that because they have to stop what they are doing and reflect during our sessions or live retreats. They literally have to find ways to stop all the doing in their lives so they can take an hour out of their week or a week out of their 6 months to create a whole new energy from which they can then operate. 

Instead of working at a lower vibration of “do more”, hustle, push and overcome – they go to a higher vibration of confidence, certainty and deliberate action that is fueled by unshakeable knowing that this is exactly what they need to be doing right now. There’s a big difference between creating decades of work with the push energy versus the pull energy. The results pale in comparison yet you won’t know it until you’ve done the work to change the energy and see how it looks like to keep moving forward without doing things the same exact way you’ve been doing them before.

It is possible to do this, today. You can pause even for 1 minute to ask yourself if you want to keep working this way. If you want to keep moving forward the way you have been doing things, or if you want to make a shift towards working differently. If the answer is yes – and that you believe that you can do it differently then the next question to ask is if you think you need help. 

If you do, then the next question to ask is how coaching could help you on your journey. 

If it feels like it makes sense to you to explore spiritual achievement coaching, where we work to develop your intuition and energy so that you can achieve your personal and business goals with spiritual fuel, then I invite you to join me by reaching out at www.mayempson.com/contact

Our next call will focus on this new relationship with you, your identity and who you are versus who you want to be in order to have that next level of growth. We will cover the energy and intuitive work that has to occur in order for you to sustain momentum, effortlessly.

If you are interested in the world of spirituality, energy and co-creation while also wanting to achieve big things in life, I invite you to join me for Spiritual Achievement coaching. Figuring out what’s next just got easier when you have a roadmap and tools to help you dig deeper into your own journey of self discovery. In our work together, we’ll make decisions and you will get coached to a deeper level than you ever thought possible. This is what’s waiting for you. Reach out at www.mayempson.com/contact, today.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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