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Welcome friends to Episode #122 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. If you’ve ever had an idea, desire or ambition and thought to yourself, “But is this even possible? Is this real?” – you know that self-doubt often keeps you second guessing yourself. You know that perhaps you can play a little bigger and more bolder in your life, but you don’t do it. When that level of safety seems to pervade and the worry about what other people will think about what you’re doing is bigger than your belief, you stay in what’s safe even if it’s not where your growth resides. Today’s podcast is a story about making things real. I think you’ll resonate with my story of how I became more bold as an energy practitioner and spiritual teacher – both things I didn’t think were real. Or at least, not real for me. Let’s dive in.

I never considered myself a healer. There was always a feeling across many aspects of my life where I was looking in from the outside. All these other people did things that were bold, not me. Bold to me meant jobs and work that weren’t deemed prestigious by my circle and my culture. This included education, how much money you made and the ability to talk about what your kids did to other parents with a sense of pride. So I did all of the things that really interested me on the periphery. For fun only. Never for a living and to be paid. Never in public where many people could see.

Yet things have changed for me over the years as a direct result of coaching. Coaching helped me start to not only explore what it is I wanted to experience in this lifetime, but also how to make things real. How to take the intangible and make it tangible. How to answer the questions I had in my own head about spirituality, humans and why things are a certain way – so that I could help others who had the same nature of seeking.

This is why you’re here today.

When I thought about energy healing, it seemed that this wasn’t real. Yet, I started my own exploration in the world beyond my sight, sound, smell and touch with a curiosity to answer that question, “what if?” What if it was real but I didn’t investigate it? What if it was a sensory experience but I didn’t understand it well enough to see it. What if it was within our grasp, but we didn’t know it was for us to practice?

We can live our lives as if we need the answers to be proven and validated before we arrive. Or, we can be the ones that are part of leading ourselves and others towards a new path forward. The world is made up of both paths. Equally valid and important. 

One of the things I realized when I stopped listening so much to what others were saying or thinking was that I actually knew the answers to the direct questions at hand. I knew, even if I wasn’t certain.

I picked up clues that were left behind in the way someone spoke to me. But it wasn’t always the case. I asked myself what that was. I realized that when I’m not open to receiving information, I don’t. When I’m distracted by the day-to-day doing, I don’t notice what’s actually being presented. This is why I love moments of stillness. They allow me to follow that string of curiosity down the rabbit hole. I can see a train of thought in my mind’s eye often and it looks like dots. A storyline with a beginning and an ending but no middle. Or, with the middle but no end.

When I don’t follow the dots and fully understand the train of thought, I don’t reach a level of certainty that allows me to own an idea. I don’t take action, not because it’s not possible, but simply because I don’t understand fully. 

What is understanding if not answering your own questions? To stand under something and to support it fully. This is understanding.

So I followed my curiosity, began working with energy. Meditation was my first practice, then yoga, Akashic records, Reiki, Chakra Healing, then Pranic healing. 

The first time I practiced Pranic healing in a hospital setting was a weekend ago in London. 

A dear friend had some complications enroute to a weekend wedding in London and had to go straight to the hospital. I went to meet her at the ER and instead of attending the wedding, we attended to her health. I performed pranic healing for 20-30 minutes which is a form of energy healing. I did this a few times in the ER over the course of several hours. I was aware that my sweeping and hand motions may look strange to the passerby but this is something important that I realized. The needs of the moment often dictate that we look past our own thoughts of “this is strange” and instead realize we are withholding. One of the practices I learned in my energy work is that it is not for me to withhold if someone has provided permission and I have agreed. This work is for someone else and by not allowing what I see, hear and visualize to come through, I am not fulfilling my intention to help, love and serve.

So I swept, cleared, energized and connected. Over and over again. She relaxed, the pain subsided and we kept monitoring. It was several hours later when a nurse came up to me and asked me what I was doing. Before I could answer, he asked “Are you doing pranic healing or Reiki?” Again, before I could answer, he said, “it looks like you’re doing pranic healing.” 

He then proceeded to tell me how he had practiced it and found it so helpful for others he worked with. He asked me about meditation, reiki and resources. Writing down on his hand with a pen as we discussed books and their authors. 

In a hospital in London, a connection was made. A confirmation that this was real. Yet, it was already real. It was real the minute it entered into my own mind and it became even more real when I expressed it through my voice, intention to help and actions. WE are the ones that make things real.

This nurse was re-inspired to pick his energy work back up. I told him why he was needed in this way and how he could integrate his work with the energy work. 

The world responds when we let go and step into the unknown. The more we don’t know for sure yet move forward to create certainty for ourselves, the more we lead. 

I am a healer. You are a healer. We are all more powerful than we believed. Not because we supersede, but because we work with things as they are with a willingness. Your willingness to open your heart and mind to a new and different perspective is what makes it real. It will start first with yourself. Then that belief will move to others. Energy is contagious.

Don’t give up, friends, on the things that spark your curiosity. Don’t give up on the questions you have. Don’t think that because you’re not certain yet, you won’t get there.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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