98: Kids Meditation for Sleep – Surfing Edition


Welcome friends to Episode #98 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. As I’ve introduced meditation to my kids to help them wind down and fall asleep over the last year, I’ve gotten asked to share the meditations I use. Today’s podcast is exactly that: a kids meditation for sleep. It’s one that I created to help the body transition into a relaxed state. Feel free to listen to it yourself if you have trouble falling asleep or to share it with your kids. Meditation has a profound effect on the brain, helping you and your child regulate emotions and is a powerful tool to reduce stress, increase focus and improve cognitive function. I hope you enjoy today’s podcast!

Letting yourself lie down and gently closing your eyes, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Breathing in through your nose. Exhaling out through the mouth.
Breathing in again through the nose. Breathing out through your mouth.
Taking one more deep breath in through your nose. Letting it all out through your mouth.

Feeling your body relax and be held by the softness of your bed. Letting your shoulders relax down. Letting your belly soften and relax. Letting your legs relax into the bed.

Breathing in and out naturally and gently. Feeling the coolness of your inhale and the warmth when you exhale.

Today we’re going to take a trip to the beach and go surfing.

As you walk on the beach, you can feel the sand beneath your feet. It’s soft, cool and wet. It feels so nice to walk on the sand. You’re carrying your surfboard and it is the perfect size for you. As you go out into the water with your surfboard, you let yourself walk through the water with your board.

When you’re ready, you get onto your board and you lay down on your belly on the board. As a small wave comes you easily paddle right above it and the wave goes under you. You turn your board around when you’re ready and when the next wave comes you get up on your feet and you are now surfing. You know exactly what to do, even if you’ve never gone before. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy the feeling of riding the waves.

You look out onto the shoreline and you see on the beach, the swaying palm trees. You see the mist of the water coming up and creating a light fog around you. You see the glow of the sun reflecting off the water. You keep riding the wave and you feel the energy of the water carrying you. You can hear the rolling sound of the waves and if you listen closely, you can hear the ocean telling you what direction to go with your surfboard. So you listen.

What are the waves telling you right now? As you continue surfing, you feel how strong you are and how easy it is to relax and enjoy. Sometimes, we feel confused about where we are going and what to do and all we have to do is to listen to that strong and loving voice inside of us. That loving voice is giving us messages about what to do, how to relax and enjoy. We just have to get quiet enough to listen.

So as you keep riding that wave, feel all your worries slip away. You see all your worry thoughts just move on by as you keep riding that wave all the way into shore. As you arrive at the shore you let your surfboard gently carry you in. You sit down on your board at the beach and you are so proud of yourself for taking that little adventure and journey on the surfboard. You close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sun, thanking the earth, the ocean, nature and yourself for all the love and strength it gives.

You are loved. You are supported. You are connected.

You are loved. You are supported. You are connected.

Let yourself feel loved, supported and connected as you relax your body and prepare for a restful and beautiful sleep.

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