93: Becoming an Intuitive Leader


Welcome friends to Episode #93 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. If you’re an achiever, you likely are very good at thinking and using your brain a lot. You also might be feeling that there’s a limit to using your thinking and that you can overthink and rationalize almost anything. You want to learn how to trust yourself and your decisions. You know you need to do it in order to step into that next level of leadership. Yet, how do you know what to do in a new area of your life where you don’t have as much experience, expertise and are unsure of what to do? This is where intuition comes in. Today we’re going to talk about becoming an intuitive leader.

I wanted to focus on this topic because over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to talk a lot more about spiritual alignment and how we sacrifice our alignment of the spirit and heart for the comfort of our brain. I remember that when I began this journey of understanding who I was, my gifts, what I was called to do in this world and began spiritual achievement, I heard a talk around achievement that really struck me. A specific question really hit home in such a deep way that tears sprung to my eyes at that moment. The question was, “what do we sacrifice for success?”

You might be feeling the same way now as I did then. Almost this audible intake of air as I realized that there was so much there that was coming through for me in the answer to that question. It brought up all the ways in which I’ve pushed myself through challenges and hurt my body in the process. It brought up the time I wasn’t as present with my family and kids. It brought up how people who needed help from me didn’t get it because I was too busy. It brought up how mean I was to myself when I felt like I wasn’t doing enough and that I could never do enough.

It brought up how painful it is to achieve when I’m not in alignment with my spirit and heart.

How do you lead with your intuition?

Becoming an intuitive leader isn’t about feeling all the feelings and then making gut decisions without intentionality and thought. It’s about learning how you make decisions as an individual, what it feels like to take accountability for yourself as you make a big leap into something bigger and unknown, and how to intelligently hold a larger perspective as opposed to tunnel vision as you make that decision. It’s about owning your power of choice.

I teach my clients an Aligned Action method. It’s a combination of understanding how the energy of achievement feels as we receive it in our bodies and through our intuition, how to ask intelligent questions and learn through action what it actually means to lead with intuition.

Following Your Intuition Isn’t About Disregarding Critical Thinking

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of my spiritual reawakening that I would honor my intuition, but I wouldn’t do it at the expense of critical thinking. I think it can be irresponsible to blindly follow intuition when we haven’t yet learned how to clean our minds to receive guidance that is not ego, fear, biases or other people’s voices. This is why intuitive decision-making is a practice and a process. It’s not a one-size fits all approach, but neither is leadership.

Leadership development for yourself includes understanding your own style of working with yourself and others. It’s knowing that you may not be the only person in this world to attempt the challenging act of figuring out what’s next and how to get there, but that you are the only person who decides how they want to lead.

When decisions still feel hard

When it comes time for Spiritual Achievers to succeed, they are more confident in their decisions even if it pains them to make that decision. It doesn’t mean that it was the right decision, but it also doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong decision. What it does mean is that it’s their decision and they own it. They make it right in that moment because they know how to work through the process of Aligned Action and they’ve practiced it over and over with the millions of decisions that come through every single day. What do I want to feel? How do I want to respond? What flight should I book? What’s the strategy? What’s the next step?

That type of responsibility and accountability is self-leadership. We need more of that in the world and it is what we desperately want for ourselves. We want to know how not to sacrifice the important things in our life for success, and we still want to succeed. My mission to teach intuitive development and spiritual achievement is because I know how painful it is to succeed and be miserable. It makes you want to give up the world of achievement and big goals and resent it when you feel like you can’t because of <insert any excuse like time, money, bills, status, fear, etc.>. It makes you question everything and realize that you don’t know what you want when you don’t have all the structures of the external world to tell you what to do. Either way, it hurts.

When you give up success, your ego hurts. When you give up your values, your spirit hurts. When you give up your relationships to hit your goals, your heart hurts. When you don’t know what to do, your head hurts. Yet, this is what people experience daily because they don’t know there’s another way. They get used to pain all around them, and tolerate it.

They think that enough success will make the relationship and values wound go away. They think that enough relationships and values will make their drive to have success and impact go away.

What if it could actually be different because you’ve learned a method for achieving that doesn’t sacrifice one for the other? What if you learned to harness that amazing energy for achieving so that it’s good not just for other people and their missions and goals, but yours as well. This is where the feeling of inspiration comes in and energy returns. This is where burnout stops. This is where and when it becomes inevitable to hit your goals. Your intelligence is utilized in addition to your intuitive leadership. I love when I see it start to take hold in my clients. 

They say yes to scary things. They get noticed for being calm and grounded. People ask them what’s changed and they seem happier. They are excited again about big, impossible (possible) goals. They are alive. This is Spiritual Achievement™. 

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