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Welcome friends to Episode #56 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. Changing our lives often involves a bit of faith in what we don’t fully understand yet or know. Specifically, how do we create a future for ourselves when we don’t understand the framework of what we are experiencing and how we interact with others, and the world around us. If you’ve ever wondered what the Akashic field is and how the world of science confirms our intuition of the interconnectedness of all things, today we’re going to dive into the work of Ervin Laszlo and his book, “Science and the Akashic Field,” an Integral Theory of Everything.


Chapter 1 begins with the challenge of creating a TOE – theory of everything. By everything he means all the kinds of things we observe, experience and encounter whether they are physical things, systems or things of the mind and consciousness. How do we explain how every “thing” in the universe came to be? Using the “quantum vacuum” which is the virtual-energy sea, we know how particles known as quanta – the basic elements of reality – evolve, interact and are generated in this vacuum. This is about real things in the form of particle-antiparticle pairs.
Beyond the currently known laws of energy, he describes how information is how we account for the presence of a significant number of particles in the universe that is neither matter nor energy. This “information” is not data or what a person knows, but extends beyond the mind of an individual or collective persons. It is not something we produce, but present as a fundamental factor in nature, governing the evolution of basic elements into complex systems.

Chapter 2 is the search for a genuine Integral Theory of Everything and the review of the drivers for the next paradigm shift in science. These drivers are radically different ideas and hypotheses that are put forth by highly respected scientists and are receiving serious attention in scientific communities – yet they are mind-boggling descriptions of the real world. One example is the 10^100 Universes advanced by physicist Hugh Everett in 1955. He describes a “parallel universes hypothesis” which is based on an interesting finding in quantum physics that when a particle is not observed, it is not in one state, yet when it is observed it is then in a single state – like any “ordinary” thing. This means that in a world where a quantum such as an electron has a 50 percent probability of going up and a 50 percent probability of going down, there are 2 parallel universes at play. One in which this electron is always going up, and another one in which this electron is always going down”. This also means that in each of these 2 universes, there are an observer and a measuring instrument – which means that these 2 outcomes, universes and measuring instruments exist at the same time. Therefore a large number of universes exist in the order of 10^100 including observers and measuring instruments.

The other hypothesis is that the universe is observer-created. This means that instead of individual universes the branch off, all of these possible universes exist simultaneously. We select the path that leads to this universe and then the other universes cancel out. What we choose in our present then determines our past. Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University and Thomas Hertog of the European Nuclear Research organization, who came up with a related mathematical answer claim there is no definite initial state of the universe and no starting point.

Another hypothesis is that the entire universe is a hologram, which is a pattern of two dimensions that generate an image in three dimensions. When you are trying to understand thermodynamics and how disorder can never decrease in a closed system- which we consider the universe to be – then how do we account for matter that collapses into black holes? Leonard Susskind of Stanford University and Gerard’t Hooft of the University of Utrecht came up with the idea that the information inside the black hole isn’t lost, but stores holographically on the surface. The universe can then be considered a many-dimensional hologram with a smaller number of dimensions at its periphery.

The third chapter breaks down this idea of coherence and how changes in one part of a coherent system changes the other parts. This speaks to the idea of parts being “nonlocal” – meaning they are not limited to where they are but are in some way connected to and everywhere through the system. This helps to explain transpersonal connections or telepathic powers of people, where you can transfer various forms of thoughts and images from one person to another. It also helps explain telesomatic powers where you can affect the body non-locally. When you think of spiritual healing or prayer, this is what is happening through the use of focused intention, effort and energy transmission.

Chapter 4 is where the Akashic field enters as in-formation in nature. What is the Akashic field? Laszlo describes the term Akasha as a Sanskrit word that means the “all-encompassing medium that underlies and becomes all things”. It is not something that is felt through our senses, but reached through spiritual practice. It is something that we reach through a disciplined and spiritual way of life and through yoga. Prana is the life force that acts upon the Akasha, giving life to it. Laszlo states that the Akashic vision is a cyclic universe of a Metaverse that creates Universe after Universe. It is – in the new physics world – the unified quantum vacuum or the unified field out of which all particles and atoms emerged. Therefore, space isn’t truly empty. This quantum vacuum is filled with energy and is an energy field.

The next chapters go more into detail about the studies around coherence, non-local coherence – which is how something in one place can affect something in another place. He talks more about telepathic and telesomatic experiences and how all of this works.

Why did I get interested in this topic? I remember I was at Kripalu several years ago and had no idea what Akashic records were but saw something there about how you can schedule a reading. A year later, I was on social media and happened upon an Akashic Records reader who was teaching others how to read the Akashic records. I had a deep interest in learning more about energy, intuition and these kind of transpersonal connections due to my own personal experiences – so I pursued it. What I couldn’t understand was how it all worked? I don’t know that I grasp every last thing scientifically about it, but it helps me to understand and know why I can read other people.

Now what does this mean to you? I’ve pondered this question long and hard because sometimes things that don’t seem tangible seem useless. They seem like a magic trick or something that helps you to feel good about yourself or your situation but isn’t real. What I’ve discovered, however, is that the quickest and simplest way to change the tangible world in front of my eyes is to change the invisible world behind my eyes. When I go within, I understand more quickly – what the best course of action is to take. I make more accurate and quicker decisions. While I may not always follow my intuition, I know that this is where free will comes in. It’s allowed me to understand that I can create a more loving world by having compassion and kindness for others. It’s allowed me to know that my impact, no matter how seemingly small, can have a large ripple effect. One thought, one prayer, one healing wish can change the course of my life or someone else’s. Truly understanding this can take a lifetime of shedding the skins of materiality, superficial worthiness and goal-seeking for external achievements. You’re the only person who will know if it’s worth it. My challenge to you is to begin to experiment with the listening to the energetic current of information that is all around you. It is informing you of your past, present and future at all times. You just have to be willing to tap into the information all around you.

In this month’s Intuitive Leadership Coaching, we’ll be covering how to take aligned action and bridge the gap between your intuition and vision to the practical world – where action matters. This closes the gap between our desires and what we are currently experiencing. Each month we break down topics such as these to answer the big questions, help you take action and move forward with clarity and peace. Go to www.mayempson.com/contact to learn more.

If you’re interested in reading about Science and the Akashic Field, go here to purchase the book by Erno Laszlo that informed today’s podcast episode.

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