34: Self-Care Day 1


Welcome Friends to Episode 34 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. Today you’re in for a treat. I am sharing with you Day 1 of the 7 days of Self Care. It is a challenge, course, and experiential program that shows you what it’s like to get into some of the coaching work I do. You’ll see what I redesign in my client’s subconscious minds and hear Day 1 which includes a guided meditation and some of the decisions around the first topic: Spirituality. Over the 7 days, we’ll make decisions across topics from finances to careers, spirituality, relationships, mind, body and play. All of this is centered around the idea that the decisions we make will change the course of our lives. If you want access to the rest of the 7 days, you can sign up at https://mayempson.com/selfcare.

Ready? Hit play and let’s dive in!

If you’re ready to Own Your Best Life, I want to invite you to watch the free training on how to Stand Out and Lead, using spiritual, high-performance strategies. You can access the training at https://may-empson.mykajabi.com/stand-out-and-lead.

You can then apply to join my Spiritual Achiever® program, where you’re going to create your next chapter with spiritual and high-performance strategies to achieve time and financial freedom using my proven method. It’s risk-free. You either start seeing results within your first month or I give you your money back. Schedule your call HERE. We’ll see you inside.

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