31: Meditations on Calling in and Increasing Love


Today, I’m going to share with you a behind the scenes practice that I created for a private client. It’s about the work in bringing into your life the love or relationship you truly desire. I know that many of you may already have this person in your life, but if you’ve ever wished for a bit more desire and passion – you’ll want to give this a try too.  Open your mind, heart and soul for a new kind of relationship – more loving, healthy, and committed than ever before. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

This meditation I’m going to share with you is really meant to be infused into your everyday life. Listen to this, repeat it yourself, say the words with conviction and it will become your truth. Love in its true form, isn’t going to come from the external – another person, but when you change your mind about love, like we’ll be doing now, you’ll change the ability for you to bring even more love into your life, by working on you – the source.

<Hit play above and listen to the meditations>.

Meditation on Calling in Love.

Meditation on Increasing Love.

Go ahead, listen to them now and then come back to me here. I know you’ve just experienced what inner transformation can begin to feel like. The one that is so magnetic that you do increase and call in even more love. Listen to it often and anytime you need a reminder of how to return to love. I love you my friends and wishing you a lovely week.

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