26: The Secret to Infinite Abundance


When you’re in the midst of making changes to your life, we start to feel uncertain. We said we wanted this change, but when we’re right up against it, we begin to waver and wonder if this is really the right move. We hesitate, wondering if everything will work out. This space between where you are and where you want to be is what we’ll be discovering today, and what’s really keeping you from infinite abundance.

Did you ever notice that you say you want all the things, the money, the time, the job, the family, the calling, the spiritual awakening, the recognition, the health, the connection – all of it – but when it comes time to make the moves towards this new way of living, you stop? You read all the books, listen to all the podcasts, study it and maybe even take a few steps forward and improve your life, but then you plateau.

What is that all about? How do we actually achieve infinite abundance? An abundance of love, joy, health, energy, time, finances, wealth and impact? No matter where you are in your life, we are capable of receiving more. Of letting in more, of creating our legacy, of remembering that death is always knocking not only at our door, but the doors of all those around us. How do we live more beautiful lives? Filled with acceptance of the ups and downs of the human experience, yet also filled with the acceptance of the divine beauty and connection?

I see this understanding as the work of our lives. It’s the ability to live in duality. To not ignore your spiritual self, your soul – the one who seeks meaning, purpose and fulfillment – while also attending to your human self – the one who pays the bills, makes the world a better place, breathes and moves, has the relationships, raises our kids, raises ourselves, and eventually our parents.

How does this all relate to abundance and infinite abundance? At the end of the day, we are looking for ways to have this world make more sense to us. Whether we are coming at it from an angle of cause and effect, of spiritual growth, of living with a ton of pleasure, or of just making it through – we want to unlock the keys to the kingdom. Of understanding what it means to truly live into the potential of each moment.

I’ll let you in on a secret to this infinite abundance, one that I’ve recently discovered when I’ve looked back at the patterns of how abundance keeps flooding into our lives again and again and again. What’s the secret?

Abundance comes when you start giving and stop resisting what life has presented in front of you.

Imagine the Universe is a vortex of energy, swirling and moving around you, with the ability to create and move vast amounts of energy. More than you can imagine and more than you can expect. More than you can move on your own. We enter into the vortex and instead of moving with this energy, we start to fight against it. We start creating our own vortexes of energy that swirl around us and as we walk into the field of energy surrounding us, we fight against it.

We see someone in front of us and this difficult conversation becomes a fight. We see a rejection and it becomes about our self-worth. We compare ourselves and feel defeated. We fight and resist and push and it’s tiring. So tiring that we begin to lose trust in ourselves and the world around us. We begin to carry these patterns of behaviors around with us. We believe that the world is hard, difficult, and always against us. People disappoint us and we stop feeling it’s ok to try. We say things to ourselves like “Look what happened last time?” We have PTSD from challenging relationships, difficult jobs, health issues and a host of experiences completely beyond our control.

What we cannot control will control us if we keep holding onto the pain and the stories and the belief that it doesn’t work out.

What do we do instead? We move into the universal vortex of energy and move with it. Instead of pushing back against the energy all around us, we stay curious and open to it. We witness it without judgement. The rejection, the challenges, the gifts. Let them all exist without making it mean something right away. In that space, you ask yourself this question, “what needs to be done from the place that is for my highest good and the highest good of all those around me?” “What do I want this to mean?” As we lean into the energy of what’s happening and how it is happening FOR us and not TO us, suddenly the job you hate becomes the job that’s the stepping stone.

Suddenly, all those “failures” all make sense. Instead of moving us backwards or keeping us stuck, everything adds up and up. Each movement in this direction from a place of service and giving is aligned with the energy of the universe. Your vortex begins to spin with the vortex of the Universe and the world around us. We are now in sync.

From this place of being in sync, we can now begin to tap into the energy around us and use that to grow our vortex. Grow our impact. Grow and move the world around us. In ways that are unexpected and more than you could have imagined or planned for. Even if you haven’t seen the results yet, keep doing the work of what your best self is calling you to do. When I started coaching, I remember looking up at the night sky and making a deal with the Universe that I would do this work regardless of the money. That it was that important for me to serve in this way. Over time, the clients came and the incredible transformations became expected.

When I leaned into investing into myself when I wasn’t sure if we could still do that and afford the downpayment on our house, it came from a place of service and giving. Of seeing how I can bring this healing work to people who needed it. As a result, the money showed up. As I release more and more content through writing, workshops, and podcasts – not knowing where it will all go and who will show up to let it change their lives – the people came. As I lean into giving in my relationships without expectation of receiving love in return, I felt the unconditional love and support I’ve always desired.

Life isn’t about taking. It’s about giving. When we stop focusing on what we’re not getting and instead focus on what we’re giving is when it all comes back. Maybe not here, right now, but it always comes.

Energy is never created nor destroyed, but it is transferred. You can take the energy of absolutely anything, no matter how negative it may seem, and transform it into something giving and loving. It is always available to you.

Think of one thing you’re afraid to do. Maybe you’re afraid of stepping more fully into relationships, your vocation, of pursuing a new path. Ask yourself, “how can I take action from a place of what is for the highest good for me and for others?” It doesn’t serve you to be in a job that is killing your soul, but it could serve you to start learning about a new direction. It doesn’t serve you to be overworking or over-drinking, but it could serve you to find someone to help you change this habit. It doesn’t serve you to avoid the difficult conversations you need to have, but it could serve you to speak directly with compassion. It doesn’t serve you to play small, but it could serve you to say yes to a new and challenging goal.

When you start asking yourself how you can give and act in this moment in a way that serves you and those around you, true abundance appears. It is a leap, sometimes a big leap, but know that instead of acting from a place of resistance, you’re actually moving with the energy of what’s around you. Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve experienced this feeling of letting go of total control. Of knowing exactly what will happen and when, and even though it’s uncomfortable – it’s where your growth is. It’s not safe, but it’s needed.

Safety isn’t what’s best for you, it’s what you know. Safety also comes at the expense of infinite possibilities and abundance. Today, I will challenge you to think about where you can start to lean into what you’ve been resisting. Let this be your own experiment with life. See what happens when you take that next scary step. That big leap of faith. The one that may feel new and different, until you do it again and again and know, like I do – that you were made for this aligned way of living. That it actually does end up feeling easier and more joyful. For each time we trust that our actions that come from a place of love are enough, it is enough. It’s always been more than enough and it’s time to step into your next expansion.

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