199: You Need to Start Dreaming Again


Welcome to episode #199 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. Sometimes our dreams feel far off, and that they are too big. Other times, it feels like we’ve lost the capacity to dream. Life feels so tiring and like we don’t have the time to dream beyond today. If you’re in either of these camps, this is not a problem. Today’s podcast will break down why you need to start dreaming again.

It’s been 2 years since I picked up surfing and this week Jay (my partner) and I attended a week-long surf camp. I’ll tell you more about how it went, but the real gold in this story is how it all started. It was about 6 years ago, when I was in the Catskills hiking with Jay that I asked him a question about what kind of life he would have if he got dropped down on this planet again and didn’t have any ties to anything, anyone and anywhere. He said he’d be a surfer somewhere. To my surprise, that was the same answer I had – that I hadn’t shared with him. Not premeditated, but just a thought of how different that lifestyle is to the one we had. Salty skin and hair, less stuff, more nature.

We don’t live near a beach. We hadn’t even really surfed before. I may have taken one lesson in Brazil on a business school trip years ago, but this definitely wasn’t our life. Fast forward 4 years later I am leading a retreat in Costa Rica and the week after, Jay and our girls meet me and we hang out for another week. We picked this house from Airbnb based on the design, not even really knowing much about where it was – but it ended up being in one of the top surf spots in Costa Rica. We decided to take a lesson and I remember that one moment where I was hooked. I looked over to the right after I just finished “riding” a wave and saw the mist coming up over the water, the mountains just beyond the beach and that blue sky everywhere. I saw why people love this thing called surfing. Jay was just as hooked. We took another lesson that week, and then decided to come back to the same place for 4 weeks that summer.

There was so much fun anticipation. We would get to stay near the water for a month, pick up a little more surfing and just have some fun in the water. Beginners at it but we didn’t mind.

The next summer, we ended up at another beach – this time off the coast of Mexico and took a couple more lessons. Then this past Spiritual Achiever retreat happened to be at the top surfing destination in Mexico, which was unplanned because I was picking it based off the villa. Yet when I shared the location with Jay, he was the one who told me, you know that’s one of the top surf spots in the world. So we tagged a trip onto the retreat and did a little more surfing there.

Now, a month later, we’re taking a week-long surf camp – and also have another summer trip planned where we happen to be in some pretty fun surfing destinations, and I’m looking around thinking – we’re suddenly these surfing people. 

This is the power of dreaming. Unrealistic yet open-minded dreaming. We don’t do this enough.

We get bogged down in the day-to-day life to-do lists. We stay safe. We fear rocking the boat so much that we forget about the things that we are interested in and who we are if we didn’t have to be anyone to anyone.

Yet, when that happens, our lives stop moving with the arc of our dreams. We start living a life based on all the things that we’ve already done. We don’t ask as many questions and we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to feel like beginners again. 

If you have that tendency to stop big ideas and dreams from coming forward in your mind, you’re not alone. Every day, I talk to people who tell me about ideas they feel are not worth sharing. They feel almost embarrassed that they have dreams or things that they are thinking about and haven’t done. They feel like they’re the only ones that have stopped doing the things they’ve dreamed about.

This is where coaching and being in community with people who are pushing the boundaries of what their current minds, bodies and spirits are capable of come into play.

I help people make their dream lives, their real lives through practical and spiritual work. 

Practical strategies that help you finally execute, start and finish the things that are open decision loops holding onto vast amounts of energy in your brain. Should I switch jobs? When? Should I go back to school? Should I take a break? Should I help my partner with their big decisions? Should I tell my kids what I really think?

Spiritual work that helps you heal from the condition of feeling like you’re never quite happy or fully yourself. This inner work guides how light you feel moving through the world. How in congruence you are between what you do, what you say and what you believe. To be someone that fully trusts themselves and is fully trusted by the people around them. To really leave things better than they found them, without resentment or burning themselves out.

When you start to dream again and use these strategies, your life starts to open up. You are able to move through the hard things versus where you might feel today, where the hard things feel constant, overwhelming and like they just never end.

There is a life of feeling constantly exhausted and that things are never enough, or a life where you start dreaming and living the dream.

If you want to choose the latter, you’ll want to watch my free training on how to Stand Out and Lead, using spiritual, high-performance strategies. You can access the training at https://may-empson.mykajabi.com/stand-out-and-lead.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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