194: You can have a thriving family and career ambition


Welcome to episode #194 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. When you have no other option, you’ll find a way. This is why having a thriving family and career ambition were never a question for me. What was a question, however, was how to make it work. What are the strategies, tools and mindset that allow us to take care of ourselves and our career ambitions while also taking care of our families, friends – and those most important to us? Today’s podcast is going to help you answer those questions so that you can have a thriving family and work life. After today, you’ll know why it’s no longer an option to believe that your career success takes away from your personal success.

Most professionals believe that they have to choose between career and family and that if they truly care about their family, they need to forgo their career ambitions. But the belief that you cannot have both a career and a thriving family life is one of the biggest misconceptions in the workplace.

There’s a lot of information out there that creates this feeling that you cannot make both work well and that you have to choose to be a present parent or a present leader.

You might have even grown up in a family environment where parents had these traditional roles with one person as the breadwinner. Even if you didn’t, there’s a lot of societal conditioning – especially with women to be the main family caregiver – so you feel wrong if you say that you have ambition to do other things especially if you have a family.

You also truly love being a mom, dad, parent – even if it’s hard at times – and you want to feel like you’re taking care of your family and giving your kids the guidance and influence that you think only you can give. You worry about the time that it takes to build an even more successful career and don’t want it to come at the cost of family time.

But I want to ask you this question. What if that way of thinking was based on industry and societal norms that aren’t current anymore? Where people were limited to very traditional career paths and roles.

If you were supposed to only choose one, why do you continue to struggle with the guilt of not being there for your kids at all times when you are working and vice versa?

Leaders often have to prioritize multiple things even at work. They cannot just say that they can’t figure one thing out because they’re busy doing something else. They have to have answers to questions addressing multiple arenas and even if they’re not doing both at the same time, they are still required to manage multiple priorities successfully.

The same way we cannot opt out of balancing a budget, we don’t get to opt out of balancing the multiple priorities in our life.

Everytime you think you can only have one or the other, your brain limits its thinking and decreases its capacity to create new, healthier family dynamics. You stop being the role model to your kids and to those around you at work to show them how to break the mold and stereotypes. This is a common trap which creates what I call Overworked Leaders because instead of thinking creatively and being a trailblazer, they just bury their head in the work they have because it’s easier than figuring out that burning question of how to make both work, and work well.

Achievers want to achieve and be as successful in their family lives as they are professionally, and vice versa.

So how do you have a career while maintaining a thriving family life?

You use high-performance thinking and spiritual practices.

What does that involve?

It involves practical but not often practiced strategies and I’ll share 2 of them with you today:

1. Flow Activation Rituals – As a professional, you know that having routines and a flow to your day sets you up for success. 

A lot of the career and life redesign you want to see can be set up through these routines which doesn’t happen when you’re too busy in your day to day work to manage your personal life or vice versa.

When you make a career shift or advance, you can use these routines to automatically improve the quality of your health, relationships and work so you have more free time to think ahead, strategize and show up as the calm, confident leader you thought you would be when you started working. You will also use these strategies to be the patient parent that is both mentally and emotionally healthy and taking care of themselves.

2. Your Spiritual Practices – As a leader of your family and at work, you know that having a clear mind makes decision-making and tackling the tough moments easier.

The capacity to do more work and handle both family and career grows through these spiritual practices. The ability to know what to do with the myriad of decisions and information coming at you constantly is your liferaft and that sense of calm and confidence is palpable to others. These practices create a version of yourself that is unique and different because they guide you to make decisions and behave in ways that are most aligned towards the life you want every single day. These sets of practices create the foundation for you to do your best work and to be a present parent, partner, friend and leader.

You feel fulfilled because you are developing your character and your abilities intentionally and not just meeting the status quo or standard that others have. These spiritual practices hone your own creative ability, help you focus when you have the least amount of time, reduce stress among the day-to-day chaos and improve your decision-making even in the face of limited time or information.

So I’ll ask you this, is it in your best interest and those of your family and friends to continue thinking that you cannot have a thriving career and a thriving family life while others are figuring it out every single day and reaping the rewards? 

Or do you want to work towards creating a life where you have strong family and personal lives while also growing your career, modeling and practicing high-performance strategies that develop your spirituality while also creating results across all areas of life?

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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