192: There’s no right decision about what’s next in your career


Welcome to episode #192 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. I’m going to help you move forward more quickly and accurately than you believe is possible. There’s no right decision about what’s next in your career and today I’ll help you keep from getting stuck in this thinking error that keeps you waiting for the right decision to fall into your lap.

Most professionals believe that there’s a right decision about what’s next in their career. But the belief that there is one right next move is one of the biggest myths about job and career changes.

It makes sense why you might think there is one way to do this right.

You think about all the messages you received from well-intentioned parents or mentors and remember how certain they were about what was the right type of job or what you need to do to earn a living, so you naturally believe that there is a career path that is the best.

And as an achiever, you want to have the best of everything and want to succeed in everything that you do so that you have the fewest regrets.

But let me ask you. Is thinking there is one right next move helping you make progress and move into your next dream career or job?

If that were true, you wouldn’t be able to rationalize the options you’re considering so easily.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Right depends on who is making the decision.

Those that have created fulfilling careers and lives didn’t follow one easy, linear path the whole way through, without any doubters or naysayers along the way. Autobiographies and memoirs of some of the most influential thinkers and creators of our time all share one thing in common: they lived rich and varied lives that were unique to them despite what other people told them to do.

Leaders know that right/wrong thinking is a decision-making error so they plan for multiple paths for success and know that they must learn along the way. 

Your next move is your strategy, not your success. 

The greatest thinkers of our times challenged conventional thinking and ways of living. When people were interviewed on their deathbeds one of the top 5 regrets was that they wished they lived a life true to themselves, not a life others expected of me.

You could be really hurting your ability to grow as a visionary if you continue to use right/wrong thinking as your main decision-making criteria. And you risk staying on the mediocrity bus that the right/wrong perfectionist tendency creates. I call these professionals overworked leaders because they are often working so hard to be right for everyone else that they stand out not for their point of view but for being able to work to make everyone else happy and yet they’re often exhausted and secretly struggling inside.

So how do you have a fulfilling career and work/life balance without fixating on making the one right next move?

Well, you use high-performance thinking.

What does that involve?

It requires a few things and I’m going to share 2 of them with you today:

1- The first is what I like to call Inner Compass Thinking. These guiding principles will clarify your decision-making process, help you think intelligently and stay true to your own goals and desires.

The Inner Compass Thinking does this by providing you with a set of conscious and subconscious decision-making strategies that help you take the struggle out of the myriad of decisions you need to make each day, and gives you time and energy back to devote to the biggest decisions that require your attention. You stop hearing everyone else’s voices so loudly and your confidence in yourself as a leader grows.

2 – The second element is the Next Best Year:

This is the vision of your next chapter that allows you to widen your perspective so that you account for any risks and holes in your plan, today. This also creates a thoughtful, holistic view of your career shift that includes your health, relationships and financial needs.

Most achievers struggle to create a plan for themselves that is as robust as the plan they create for their clients or organizations which is why when they don’t see success in their own career shifts right away, they double down in their current work and then achieve accidental goals driven by the organization or others, not themselves.

So let me ask you, do you want to continue believing that you need to know the one right next job to create clarity in your career, where you overwork and overthink to try to be right and perfect?

Or do you want to leverage high-performance thinking to create career clarity and focus on what you need to do next to have a fulfilling career with work/life balance?

If you want to take the second route, then join me inside the Spiritual Achiever® coaching program by clicking the link here.

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The next step?

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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