179: Becoming Your #1 Asset


Welcome to episode #179 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. What does it mean to become your number one asset? More than the people you know, who you marry and what you do for a living – who you are matters even more. Knowing that you are your number one asset is especially important as you make career decisions and decide what you want to do with your life and time. Today’s podcast is about how becoming your number one asset will create the confidence to make the moves you’re on the cusp of making.

I believe that we find exactly what we need, when we need it. It could be a difficult person, job, situation or even one that feels the opposite. When we need that boost of hope or confidence, we get one move that gives us the reminder that we can keep going and that life really is worth living. Yet, we often struggle with the inconsistency of life’s circumstances.

Why do we sometimes get what we desire and other times we seem like we’re waiting for our break much longer? When we begin to reflect on our life, the passage of time and what happened or didn’t happen for us, it comes down to two principles. 

The first principle is the law of cause and effect. We often are seeing the reflection of years of consistent effort without any reward come to fruition in what seems like the blink of an eye. To an outsider and maybe even to you, it looks like magic or the seemingly great luck of the draw. Often, there is some amount of grace and luck that comes into play. Where you are in the right place or the right time. Yet, luck and grace seem to increase the harder we work and the more consistent we are in our efforts. We get smarter and more knowledgeable about a topic and our intuition and sixth sense increases. 

What you want isn’t going to just come and land in front of you. You have to go and find it. Become the cause of the effect. Take action, do what you know and even if you’re not sure if this is or is not the exact right thing to do, you are finding out that your effort matters. You’ll often see that there are indirect benefits to you doing work before you get paid to do work. This is often what happens when people change careers. They do it for free or for very little money in the beginning. They are willing to sacrifice their own time and energy for the knowledge of learning how to do the work. They pay and invest money into acquiring knowledge and experience. Consider the same for yourself in any new arena be it a job or a relationship.

There is no magic formula more direct than the law of cause and effect. You go do something and there is a consequence for your action. The timing of said consequence may not be immediate, but it will be present.

When I realized this for myself, I saw that I had to have a better understanding and relationship with the process of working. This was actually a spiritual and psychological pursuit for me. Spiritual in the sense that I had to be more accepting of what life was handing to me and instead of being a victim, asking myself what I wanted to do now, given the situation.

It was also psychological because I had to understand that without awareness of my internal psychological tsunami, I would look at the external world as hopeless and that thinking was the vicious cycle of learned helplessness.

This is why understanding the law of cause and effect became what changed my mind about how I viewed opportunities, my options in life and how to change what I didn’t love about work or life. It was the idea that something was driving this feeling of disengagement or hopelessness – and that if I could find it and understand it, I could heal it and learn from it.

The second principle is the law of momentum. Energy is never destroyed but it is transformed. When we have certain things happening in our lives, it’s often created by the energy of what has come before or the number of people and thoughts supporting it. When I began my work changing careers, I often felt that I had some momentum but not a lot. Why was that? Most of my life and the people around me had their own thoughts and ideas about what life should be like and what success meant to them. Thoughts like, “this career is what makes money” or “this is how you should spend your time.” What I realized is that the process of changing careers means the process of changing your own definition of success and the momentum required to do so may be smaller in comparison than to the life you’re already living.

The current life you’re living has momentum. Driven by your current habits and routines. The new life you’re considering has momentum because you’ve been thinking about it and dipping your toes into and out of it. This is why it feels inconsistent and sometimes not even real. Give it more energy and you’ll find there’s more momentum. Find more communities and people around you who support that new career or definition of success and you’ll find that there’s even more momentum. Carry into your new career parts of your life and expertise that are valuable and you’ll build even more momentum. Momentum is like the ignition and the engine all in one. It lets you start even after you’ve stopped and it will keep you going even when you think you should give up. 

Momentum is driven by focus. When you don’t have a lot of momentum in a new way of living or being, start with focusing on what is working even when it seems like you’re failing. When you learn from your failures, you find the truth in how what you’ve been through isn’t all for nothing. Your experience is worthwhile. Your expertise, even in another arena, still matters. 

You are the asset, not the work you’ve done. So when you begin to doubt the progress, feel the lack of momentum or wish you had started even sooner – know that this is not a you problem, it’s a situation problem. Solve for it by building momentum with your own thoughts and energy of how far you have come even in the realization that you want something different or a slight change to how you’re working. Build momentum through your own ability to know that no one has it any easier than you do because at any given moment, we’re all facing the same questions, doubts and fears about where we are in life.

These two principles: the law of cause and effect – and the law of momentum – are what it means to become your #1 asset. You can create an effect. You can create momentum. Through action, thoughts, intention and refinement of what you do and how you do it – you will start to see your imagined life take hold. 

Everyone has this ability. Everyone can make these small shifts that end up changing the course of their lives. We often forget that we are more powerful in creating our paths and our experiences in life, than we realize. While it won’t be smooth and easy, it doesn’t mean we can’t simplify the work we do to leave our lives and the lives of those around us even better than we found them.

Today, you can do one thing in both areas. Where is there an effect in your life that you want to see change? What can you do to cause a different effect or result? What momentum in your life do you resent and why? What is the momentum you would like to create and how can you start to change your focus so your energy flows to where you are focusing? Where can you create more momentum through your time and attention? What would happen if you focused more time and attention on that area?

It’s easy to be distracted from the possibilities that you can create by blaming others or a version of yourself from the past. Live as if that distraction was no longer an option. Live as if you had free will and you’ll find that you’ll find more options and choices from that way of living because you’ll see that your number one priority is yourself. You can create the work, joy, freedom and limitless feeling you are in search of today. Let me know how it goes.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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