167: Getting the Job You Want


Welcome to episode #167 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. When we consider how we spend most of our time it’s no surprise that work and how we work is one of our top concerns. We want to feel like we’re using our time well and that we enjoy what we do. It’s time to consider what job you really want and how to make it happen. Today’s podcast on getting the job you want is practical and straightforward so you can do something today, to move forward.

There are 5 steps to changing careers and loving your work again. I teach these in my Career Revelation Academy course – and I’ll also be teaching it live during my August retreat. This is one of my most popular courses because it is so practical and timely. We’re always thinking about what’s next and what we want to do with our work. We are always wanting to love the job we’re in even more. It is the number one determinant of happiness – the way we choose to spend our time and if we feel like we get to spend our time the way we want.

There are a lot of people out there right now who are unhappy with their jobs. Not because they hate their work – but because the pace of the work is unsustainable or the people they work with are difficult. It could be things that are endemic to the organization or place they work. Either way, there are a number of reasons people want to switch. Some of the  other top reasons tend to be money and time. When your job isn’t working for you, you tend to feel like the money or time equation just doesn’t add up.

You don’t feel like it’s worth it to be spending your time this way for the money that you make. No matter how much or how little you feel it is. It’s always about what you feel like your time is worth. This is what most people struggle with – knowing not only what their time is worth but how to manage their time so that they get the most out of their time. It’s not always the job – which is why I teach so much on time and energy management. How to love where you’re at even more.

The first step is always to create the vision. You can only gain more clarity when you see where you are today – and what you really want. Sometimes you already know what you want and other times you have no clue where to start but you dream about having your passion and inspiration back. This vision creation process is what takes the guesswork out and lets you see clearly what that future life looks like. I can’t wait for you to see the end result of this process.

The second step is where you’ll define your personal mission. You need to know what you do better than anyone, especially when you’re trying to make a change. I have a process for identifying those things as well as your ideal role based on your strengths and gifts. These will help you create your sense of a personal brand. You can think of it as a mission statement that aligns with your values.

The third step is to shift beliefs. There are usually 2 reasons people don’t make the changes they want to make in life. The first reason is the process. They don’t know exactly what to do or how to change into the thing they desire. The second reason is that they have a belief or mindset that keeps them from moving forward. 

The fourth step is to design your work and life so that you find a job you love. This looks like how to have success early on in a job change and how to redefine success. When I do this with clients, we actually walk through a personal strategy map to identify all the possible courses of actions and which to take first. Here is where you also want to figure out how to love your job even more. There are times when we don’t want to switch jobs but adapt and craft our roles to be even more suited to how we can deliver the most impact.

The fifth step is getting into action. This means that you start thinking about your elevator pitch, how to share your message, updating your resume for a career change, interview and follow-up strategies. You’ll also want to think about how to have more fun networking and building relationships as well as negotiating.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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