16: Making Your Dreams a Reality: Your Energetic Home


I just moved into a new home and I went live on my moving day to share with you the lessons that have been brought to light during this time. If you’ve got a desire on your heart that you’re in the process of achieving, today’s podcast is for you. Follow me on instagram @mayempson if you want to see the video with full house tour along with lessons and impromptu meditation on clarity.

Watch the video here for the tour or see below!


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Where is your energetic home? The place you carry with you that changes the space you are in, the people around you, and your life. We create our lives and experiences from this energetic home. If you want a life of passion, joy and determination – you need to cultivate that within yourself. Even when things are hard and don’t look like there should be a reason for you to feel alive, joyful or determined. This is when we show up. When you do this consistently, the universe will deliver time and time again. Do the work when it’s hard, when you’re not seeing the payoff and it will come. Every. Single. Time. Love yourself and the those tough experiences even more. Because you are getting stronger, more resilient, and full of energy each and every time. These are some of the lessons that are available in all moments in your life – and were especially visible today on our moving day. Come see the house before all our stuff gets moved in and enjoy the little surprise meditation I shared – impromptu. Let me know what you think. I love you all. Happy Friday friends😘.

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