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Welcome friends to Episode #143 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. I don’t know about you, but I love both structure and freedom. I love having routines I know that work for me. I love having something that is so reliable that I can come back to whenever I’m feeling off, and my energy systems are one those things. You won’t want to miss today’s episode because we are diving into what an energy system is and why you need one too.

Last week we talked about the energy audit. You have to know where you are in terms of energy before you know where you want to go and what you want to focus on. I’m really interested in energy because it is the state before we act. Everything we do comes with a sense of energy that supports it and makes it either really effective and fulfilling or ineffective and draining. 

If we’re not even aware of our energy, we will attribute it to just things not working out for you. We have more control over our energy than we realize and if we don’t do an energy audit on what is within our control, we will constantly feel like life’s just against us and that we are tired all the time.

I want to show you today that there is a possibility that you can have a huge shift in your energy. I had a client the other week finish a clean eating protocol called Prolon, which is a fast-mimicking diet. She had never felt major changes to her body or herself when she changed the way she ate, but this time she did. Her energy went through the roof. Beyond weight loss or looking good, she felt different energetically.

Another client is in the process of shifting the type of work that she is doing to something that is more challenging and stimulating in a different way. There are connections between what she does now and what she wants to do, but she has to be able to sustain the vision of something that does not yet exist in her physical reality – have belief in something like a new type of work that seems like a stretch. Most people fall off during this time period, going into places and situations that are not a growth for them because they have hard time sustaining the energy required to continue to pursue something different in the face of a world asking you to stay the same or do something their way.

She ended up getting the opportunity to do that kind of work just after she shifted her energy and realized that her energy and state before she does something or as she does anything related to her work is the most important thing.

All of this feels so intangible. It’s not just go work on your business. It’s not just go work on your resume. It’s not just reach out to people and tell them what you’re up to. It’s the work that precedes the action and the process of “doing” that is important. I know this even for myself because I’ve seen it come into play. When I had a system set up for just doing work, I was really good at doing work, but it wasn’t something that really mattered in the long run. It was the type of thing you learn as a copy and paste. I learned how to do what someone else taught me through a specific roadmap. But when it came to original thinking and original work I often felt stuck. 

Until, I started working on my own energy. Once I realized that my energy preceded any shifts that I wanted to make, I found myself seeing things so differently that I couldn’t help but act differently. I started being able to come up with so many different and unique ideas and ways of doing things. I started having better and better results with less work. Making more money in less time. Having more impact, with fewer projects. So much comes from the ability to decide where and how to harness your energy.

Yet, what most people do is they just ride the energy waves depending on how good life is around them. If everything is great, they feel a high and they go with that high and things turn out well. But what happens when things aren’t great. When they are facing an uncertain future because they know they won’t have a job after a certain point, or they lost their job. Or they are in a health situation that isn’t ideal. They want something and are struggling to get it. It’s not easy at that point to use the energy of the situation because that energy feels low. It feels like failure and it feels like it’s permanent and personal. You’re stuck in this energy pattern when you think that it’s always going to be like this and “this” isn’t what you want. 

How do you move from a low-energy and negative vibration to a higher-energy and frequency? One where you do believe? One where you aren’t stuck? This is the power of an energy system.

An energy system is the routine that you have to systematically keep you in higher energy and higher frequencies. Where you feel more positive and optimistic. Where you are not just faking it, but you’re doing the work of acknowledging how you feel and are compassionate about the messiness of human life. 

In Spiritual Achiever™ Coaching, we’re going to dive into energy systems so that you don’t just accidentally have success or results. You know exactly what you did and what you will do differently to achieve them. Energy isn’t a one-size-fits all either so we develop the unique protocols that you as an individual will run that allow you to show up without a feeling of being an imposter, feeling fake or just trying to smile through your tears.

When you develop your own protocol for energy management, you know what steps to take when you feel down and you stop believing that the world is on your side. You know what you haven’t done and the simple things to do to get back to a place where you are not just waiting for good things to happen, you are creating them. 

I remember I had a friend over for dinner once and I mentioned a meditation that I do when I want to reset. He was so confused. He said, “what do you mean, reset?” I explained to him that it’s when you feel like you’re not on your path anymore. You’ve gone astray and you’re not sure where or why. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, but you stop feeling like things make sense and that you trust what is happening. It’s like when I was driving to work, knowing everyday that I wasn’t on the path that I could be on. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling when you finally get that hit in your gut, heart and head. It was after I had a couple wake up calls where people died in my life that were important and close to me.

I just had this uneasy feeling that would permeate the rosy picture of what my life looked like being pretty successful from the outside looking in. But it is always those in between moments where the questions come up. When I was driving to work, I didn’t know it then, but I was accessing an alpha state where my brain was starting to move into altered states of consciousness that showed me that there was something not so right about continuing on with my life the way it was going. 

The meditation I did then was a way for me to shift back into and connect with my purpose although at that time, I didn’t even know what my purpose was. All I knew was that there was something different about life that I could envision but wasn’t my reality. It was a way of living, waking up, and being that felt like a sliding door moment. In that place, my energy was different. It was altered and it felt so temporary. I could only access it so briefly.

What I’ve realized is that the longer I can access those energetic states, the more results I see in my life that mirror what my life feels like in those altered states of consciousness and imagination. When I was only accessing that energy briefly, I would have very brief moments. Meditation is one of my energy systems and I have specific protocols I use for specific activities that help me regulate my emotions as well as make decisions. The more I meditated, the more my life grew in proportion to the images I held. Why was that?

Energy precedes your actions. When you are holding the energy of the past, you will likely create the same things you’ve always created. There’s nothing wrong with that if you want that. I was looking for something different and new. I didn’t want to blow up my life in negative ways, but I wanted to expand it and experience more. So I held new energy for longer and longer periods of time, and it positively impacted my relationship with my partner, my income, my influence, my health, my family and my relationships. It impacted the amount of joy I could hold in my life.

When you can hold greater tolerance for higher vibration energy like joy, love and connection you will be able to experience that more tangibly and more often in your own life. An energy system is like an energy gym. You go there for specific results and you do the work because it will change you for the better.

I cannot stress enough that we go to our energy. We don’t just wait for it to come to us, yet there will have to be more tolerance for all the kinds of energy in your life for you to even hold the higher vibrational ones as well. Specifically, you will have to recognize that your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy will ebb and flow like a wave. You can’t control it and hold onto it so tightly, but like a surfer – you can learn to know where to go for the best waves. How to surf them when they come. What you need to be able to handle falling constantly off your board. It’s not that we are the only things at play when we are talking about energy. We are in a partnership so you learn how to partner with the world around you, the ups and downs while still enjoying being in the ocean and in the water is the focus. You are connected to an energy that is not just within you but all around you. You can tap into it and feel it when you have those moments of awe and inspiration. You can live a life where those are not just fleeting moments that are hard to experience, but a life where they are constantly coming like waves. Always available. The energy you wish to experience is always available to you.

Join us to have the energy system you desire and to build the protocol that will take you to the results you desire most and beyond. It is the work you will do that will pay off for the rest of your life when you no longer get so tied up to all the ups and downs and can just enjoy it with a level of skill that matches the challenges that life throws at you.

If you haven’t done an energy audit, I encourage you to do so. To actually get the energy you want in all areas of your life, sign up for Spiritual Achiever™ Coaching. Schedule a consultation here at www.mayempson.com/contact and we’ll get you started so that you get the time and energy back, now. I just taught this content and we’ll be working together in mid-January on the systems and routines to add energy back into your life. Do not miss this opportunity to get your tank filled up so you have the capacity to do the work you were meant to do and not get burned out along the way.

If you’re ready to Own Your Best Life, I want to invite you to watch the free training on how to Stand Out and Lead, using spiritual, high-performance strategies. You can access the training at https://may-empson.mykajabi.com/stand-out-and-lead.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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