140: What is manifesting, really?


Welcome friends to Episode #140 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. Have you come across the term “manifesting” and wondered what it was? You might be doing all the things to make something happen in your life and you’ve turned to manifestation as a last resort. Maybe you love it and have a lot of success with manifesting and want to turn that dial up a notch. Wherever you are, I’ve got you covered. Today’s podcast will help you demystify manifesting as we talk about “what is manifesting, really?”

The myths of manifesting

We’ve often seen manifestation being sold as a trick to get your results instantaneously and quickly. I’ve actually had a lot of experience with manifesting that I have a unique vantage point on what it is and is not so I’m sharing it with you. As a coach, I work with people on manifesting their ideal careers, more confidence and lives that feel more integrated with love and wealth. Being more present wherever they are. We don’t talk about manifesting in terms of how to magically make wealth or relationships appear. We talk about manifesting in terms of challenging what we believe about the world, ourselves and what we’re capable of receiving and giving.

In essence, manifesting is more than just magic. It is self-awareness and growth towards your limitless potential.

Another thing about manifesting that I don’t subscribe to is that you are manifesting disease and everything that has happened in your life. I’m not here to tell you that you created everything that exists in the world. I believe that there is more to this world than I can comprehend or know of at this time. What I will share however, is that in my experience working with leaders and individuals I’ve learned that we can make different decisions about how we react to and work with the challenges in our lives. This choice we have about what we do going forward and in the present moment right now is what makes the most difference. It is not devoid of the context of privilege, equity and opportunity that may not be the same for everyone. It is, however, about the personal continuum of potential and moving your personal notch forward.

Manifesting is congruency

That set of decisions and choices in our life to live as if we were responsible for how we move forward, leads to what we call “magic”. That feeling of being able to understand yourself so well that you can start to show up in your life the way you desire. We are spinning on this idea of feeling a sense of deep trust in ourselves and awareness of who we are. We are fighting so many internal and external battles about who we are and what we get to have which leads to stress.

You feel less stressed in the moment and are able to regulate your emotions and nervous system to be fully present in the moment. This is how you start to see how even the challenges in your life do not mean that you are not worthy of love, respect and belonging. You are worthy of having a place in this world. Many of us have to overcome this sense of having a place and belonging. The ability then to feel that worthiness and capability leads to allowing ourselves to receive more in our life. You are worthy and capable of so much and therefore, why not manifest?

The definition of manifesting is to create something in the physical world from an idea. Do you know how normal and prevalent that ability is in our world? It is everywhere. We all have that ability. You can call it the act of taking a goal or an intention and turning it into form. You can call it making something out of your life. You can call it living your life the way you want. You can call it creating a service or a product. Essentially, it’s taking ideas you have and seeing how to create them in this world.

Manifesting isn’t for a select few

If you are living in this world, you are manifesting. You are doing something to create something in this physical world. Manifesting means that you’re not just having thoughts and ideas, but you’re taking action from there. Manifesting is often associated with a more woo culture but I love to think of it as just a word. I encourage you to lightly play with it to figure out through your own experiences what is real for you. 

Language helps us feel like we belong and for some people, “manifesting” isn’t ideal because it brings up a thought of something very fluffy. Very intangible. Yet, for many of you who do also live in the physical world and are really busy executing all day long, you long for some more magic in your life. You need both the art and science of manifesting.

You want the spiritual and energetic piece that leads you forward. A place where your heart starts to feel more connected to your mind. You also want the tactical and practical changes that give us the results you want to see in your life. You want to be grounded in reality as well.

Manifesting leads to different decisions

You can become so good at creating change and manifesting that you have the ability to be more selective about how you spend your time. You realize it’s less about being able to create the results but more about what you want in your results. You start to think about the quality of time and presence you have in your life differently. You realize that there might be more that’s possible and that you’re capable of when you see you’re a powerful creator of your reality.

I always revisit manifesting because in our human world, our lives are not perfect. My life is not perfect and being a coach forces me to get honest about who I am so that I can serve my clients even better. When I am leaning into both the art and science of manifestation and coaching, I see both magic occurring and real life results at the same time. It’s what I know from my own experience to be true and I cannot imagine a more fun way to live.

Helping yourself and others

There are big and small tweaks to your life that are constantly occurring whether you desire them to be occurring or not. When you start to proactively manifest, you think differently than the average person. You show up to your families and friends differently. You hold a different set of thinking and way of interacting with the world around you. Learning how to manifest and design your life to adjust for all the changes that are occurring allows you to help people around you adjust more resourcefully as well.

Take a moment today and really think about if you believed you could manifest and that you were more capable than you believed, what would you want to see in your physical reality this year or in the future? Stretch your mind and allow yourself to hold that image or thought. Keep doing that over and over again and you’ll start to see that there may be more out there than you believed to be true. You’ll find your brain starting to meet your heart in its expansiveness and feelings of possibility. It will stretch to find more and creative ways to do this thing called life. Finding more and different solutions to everyday problems. Try it today and let me know how it works for you. You will likely find yourself seeing more and more synchronicities and magic moments happening as you start to stretch your imagination a bit further than it has gone before.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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