107: The Prioritization Process


Welcome friends to Episode #107 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by a long list of goals and to-do’s, you know that you need to prioritize. Yet, we don’t want to do it because it makes us feel like we have to make the impossible decision of saying no to things we really want. If it was so easy to prioritize, you would have already done it. How do you prioritize when all your options are important? Today, I’m going to share with you the Prioritization Process I use with my clients and why it will become your roadmap to achieve that health, wealth, spiritual or relationship goal. 

Why is prioritization important

When you’re struggling to see results in any given area of your life or if you have a result that you know is very important to achieve, you need to prioritize. Prioritizing means that you are diverting your attention, effort and energy to a specific area. It means that you focus.

When you are able to focus on one thing at a time for a long period of time, you learn how to do it better. You practice. You learn. You get better. It is a virtuous cycle. Many times, we fail over the long term because we spread ourselves too thin. We are trying to do everything, yet we do nothing really well. This culture we live in doesn’t help. We have so much access to technology and devices that give us so many opportunities to distract ourselves. We like those little dopamine hits that we get from checking on things and doing little things in a variety of ways – but don’t have anything to do with your goal. Prioritizing requires that we go back to the same thing again and again. Even though it’s hard to focus. Even though we want to stop and do something else that feels easier.

Prioritizing means that you know you will achieve one result and it also means that you will not achieve other results. You are constraining yourself. You are focusing on learning how to achieve. This is what makes it hard for people to do. 

You might realize that you’ve been ignoring your health. You say, “OK – it’s time I make health a priority.” You then add it to the long list of to-do’s. You think you’re prioritizing by adding another goal to your life, but in fact – you are just diverting your time and energy and not addressing the root of the issue. Trusting and owning your decisions. Instead of working through decisions with a high level of clarity, you just rush into a plan of action. This is how most people have done it and this is why it doesn’t work. It’s why you do a diet or a cleanse and you go back to the way things were. It’s why you change jobs but you still feel resentful or as if people don’t value you as they should. It’s why you take a trip with your partner and your relationship still feels lackluster afterwards.

When I work with my coaching clients, we spend time making decisions about what is a priority and what isn’t. They know what they will focus on first and why. They feel excited about being uncomfortable and saying no to other things because they now understand exactly what they want. They are creating their own priorities, not just taking other people’s priorities as their own.

They create a life where they stop comparing themselves to other people. They are truly running their own race without making everyone else wrong. They feel confident about their decisions and choices. They get the results they’ve always wanted, finally.

How to prioritize when everything is important

The prioritization process I teach isn’t based on ignoring life’s realities. You do have a lot of different things on your plate. You have personal and professional desires. You have commitments to your time, energy, money and resources. You need to be able to make decisions that work in your favor for the long-term and the short-term.

This is the struggle when everything is important. In the prioritization process, we go beyond your initial thoughts of what’s important and what’s not. We ask a series of questions to evaluate what to work on first and why. We even figure out how to create time so that you still make progress across multiple goals, even when you are clear on your priorities and what’s the number one goal.

We take prioritization out of just the ideas in your head and the desires in your heart and it becomes part of who you are and what you do. The way you spend your time, money and energy is aligned with your priorities. If you’ve felt like you’re constantly being pulled in multiple directions with a thousand things on your mind, the prioritization process gives you clarity and certainty. You have confidence in your plan, the execution of your plan and where it will take you.

You know exactly when you can shift priorities and how that makes sense for your life now. We track your priorities. Priorities change and your practices of how you spend your time and resources will also need to change with it. If you have a family, new demands on your life, a change that has occurred – we rework this process to make sure that how you spend your time matters to you in the long term.

If you’re excited about doing this prioritization process with me, and understand what you may have thought about your priorities that aren’t actually true – and to feel less overwhelmed because your life has changed and you need to realign with it – you’ll love coaching. Reach out at https://mayempson.com/contact to schedule a consultation. It is the next step to learning more about whether or not coaching is right for you and how to make the best use of coaching. In our coaching together, you will finally achieve your results without hustling and overworking and while enjoying your life – it is the best way to achieve.

Is it time to reinvent your life? Do you want to figure out what’s next?

No matter what success means to you, coaching will help you get there faster and more sustainably. We work towards results in every area of your life. Time management – spending more time on what’s most important. Creating a mix of work and personal life that is sustainable. Career and Business – deciding what you want next and how to achieve it – whether it is more flexibility, purpose or deciding to start your own business. Energy management – improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so you build confidence in designing your own life. If you’ve got some changes you want support in thinking through, book your free consultation at www.mayempson.com/contact today.

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