104: Redefining Success


Welcome friends to Episode #104 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. When was the last time you truly defined what success meant on your terms? Not just for one specific goal, but across the whole of your life? When we don’t redefine success, we stay exactly where we are doing the things that we used to define as successful. As you start to get that feeling of accomplishment and success, we struggle to let ourselves reimagine what could be next and why. Sometimes, when life is already feeling good – we don’t want to change it. Yet, if we don’t redefine success, life will still change – but towards an end goal that may be someone else’s – not yours. Today, we’ll talk about redefining your own success and how that helps you recreate the life you are living.

There have been 2 very important times when I had to redefine success. The first time was when I became a mom. I had 2 young girls and was trying to figure out what work-life balance looked like with a pretty demanding corporate job. The second time was when I launched my coaching business. Making the shift from corporate warrior brain to entrepreneur brain. Making multiple six figures in one area was different from making multiple 6 figures in the other. 

We often underestimate the level of transformation that has to occur when we redefine success. 

We think that changing jobs will help us achieve the work-life balance we desire so we go on a job hunt. Yet, we haven’t made the changes to who we are – the patterns of overworking and striving that led to us having a life that felt more heavy on the work front without the return on the investment of our time or energy. When we haven’t made those changes, we take the same patterns to that next job and that next place in our lives. 

Even those who decide to take a pause in their careers to pursue working at home often take the same patterns of overworking to their home lives. Where they are intensely focused on home projects, kids and health in the same ways they were intensely focused on getting the work done in their professional lives. Who we are will trump our surroundings every single time.

The only way that doesn’t happen, is if you redefine success for yourself first.

What do you want? What do you desire? What makes the most sense for you right now if everything was on the table?

Instead of making small changes to our outer world, we work on changes to our inner world. These come from a place of knowing what our desired outcomes are and who we want to be. This comes from creating a new definition of what success looks like on your terms. What your vision of extraordinary is, even if you’ve never experienced it before.

This will change you. This level of future success thinking will mold you and shape you. It will redefine who you are, what you have to be willing to experience, and the life you will let go of so that you can bring in something new. 

I had to let go of the feeling of knowing that I did everything I could possibly do, so that I can have the feeling of knowing that I did what matters most. 

I had to let go of the hundreds of thousands in corporate income to create hundreds of thousands in self-created income that I can repeat and grow tenfold. 

We don’t know what our lives will look like and what we can accomplish, until we learn how to do this process. This is what I teach in my coaching. How to redefine success so that you are feeling discomfort and self-doubt in the creation of your new version of success. Instead of just feeling discomfort and self-doubt living out someone else’s version of success. Either way, you will not be able to avoid risk of failure, uncertainty and any of those negative feelings that come with life. The difference? You’ll be required to use those for you and your life. 

You’ll be required to give up the perfect life you have now that feels safe, for the imperfect life that feels expansive.

You’ll be required to stop being a follower, and walk as a leader.

You’ll be required to do less so that you can focus on creating more.

I am once again in this next phase of redefining success. I am doing this with my clients. I invite you to join me.

You can join at www.mayempson.com/yournext5years.

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Is it time to reinvent your life? Do you want to figure out what’s next?

No matter what success means to you, coaching will help you get there faster and more sustainably. We work towards results in every area of your life. Time management – spending more time on what’s most important. Creating a mix of work and personal life that is sustainable. Career and Business – deciding what you want next and how to achieve it – whether it is more flexibility, purpose or deciding to start your own business. Energy management – improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so you build confidence in designing your own life. If you’ve got some changes you want support in thinking through, book your free consultation at www.mayempson.com/contact today.

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