10: How to Make More Money?


If you’ve struggled with money and your relationship with money, you’ll love today’s topic. Whether you want to admit it or not, the quality of your life is dependent upon your ability to work with money. Instead of completely detaching from money, how do you create a healthy relationship with money so that you can work more easily with money and receive more in your life?

Money is energy.

I remember there was a time in my life early on in undergrad, when I asked the question, “why do we need money if we’re looking to detach ourselves from money and physical things on a spiritual level?” I asked that of my mom and she said back to me “we live in this world and this world operates with money.” It’s a practical thing. This is when I really began to ask the question of how we bridge the spiritual with the practical. If we’re really in sync with how we manage both the practical things like Money, and the spiritual things like meaning, the more we will live in congruence to ourselves and who we believe we are. Money is needed to survive in this world. How then do we live using money as the engine instead of the end goal? In order to unravel this, we have to understand the beliefs we have about money that keep us from allowing it in our lives.

1. The belief that money comes from the outside

One of the first things we believe about money is that it comes from an outside source. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, whether you work inside the home or outside the home, you feel like you’re waiting for someone or something to take care of you. When you live with the belief that money only comes from outside, we may believe that it’s limited and as a result there are things we don’t pursue because of financial reasons. From an energetic perspective, your spirit goes through a journey where you begin to realize that your potential in life manifests in stages. With each level of manifestation and maturity, life presents you with obstacles and depending on whether or not you can overcome them, you’ll move onto the next level. Everyone will have challenges in their life and one of them will be whether or not you will follow your inspiration or whether or not you let money stop you.

2. The belief that you can’t take a new direction

There comes a time when you want to shed the past and make serious decisions about the rest of your life. You begin to realize that time is your most precious commodity and what you do with your time is the most important thing. Your inner GPS starts to move you towards expressing your full potential. You’ll start feeling unhappy about what you’re doing now which is what makes you look for something else. Then you’ll start to experience a financial obstacle. The world is full of opportunities to show you the unlimited possibilities of your potential and your choice is to decide whether or not you will listen to the inner voice, or the financial energy of life. This is really a choice behind whether or not you will follow the energy that inspires the financial energy of life, or the financial energy of life. This is addressing the issue at its root. If you’re on a spiritual path of finding more meaning in your life, it’s really a decision to follow deep and rich intuitive guidance instead of an illusion of power, money. You’ll encounter an experience or opportunity and at that point in time you have to decide how much authority that money has over you.

3. The belief that money makes us a victim

One of the other beliefs that keep us under the control of money is that we believe that money victimizes us. If our bank account is low, our self esteem is low. When we have that kind of belief, we seek people or situations with money in order to boost our self esteem. This is what I mean by your relationship with money. You don’t realize that you’re in a relationship with money and how much your worth is tied to money. When you get scammed or lose money because of a poor decision, you feel like a victim. But this victimization isn’t always a bad thing. Like any situation, it’s how we use the energy that makes all the difference. We start to feel an energy of strength where you will not be taken advantage of anymore and start to stand up for yourself.

4. The belief that we are constricted by the social norms around money

Will you sell yourself for money? Thoughts, emotions, and actions are all controlled because you’re controlled by money. This is something that’s hard to see for yourself. You don’t realize that you’re selling yourself until you blow up and want to quit a business, job, or relationship. Are you only staying because of money? When you start to know better, but act otherwise. This is where within your relationship with money that you’re using money as an excuse to sabotage. You can feel like you’re truly an individual because of a lot of outward choices you’ve made, but if you’re still believing in the social norms around money, you’re not completely an individual. Some of these social norms are:

  • You have to work in a job like this in order to make money
  • Money is the root of evil and you can have too much money
  • You don’t make money being creative

The thing is, if you are in search of your highest potential, it will likely look like something crazy and perhaps not what you’ve ever done. In this case, which do you believe has more authority over you? The circumstances/material/earthly world? Or the inside, spiritual world? This is the question. If you believe that the circumstances of this earth has more authority over you, you’ll preclude the world of synchronicity, miracles, and a speed of creation that is faster than the material world.

What if I don’t have enough money and I need to pay my debts or mortgage?

For all the spiritual talk about abundance and manifestation, we still need to be practical. The potential you have in you is a force you can tap into and still pay your mortgage. How you approach it in your attitude and energetically is the difference. Instead of saying I will never have the money to do this, you stay grateful for what you have and also stay open to any possibilities that you can have the thing you want in your life. When you begin to open up to possibilities, however, you have to really dig into what you’re NOT doing that you COULD be doing. We have to believe that no matter what we are doing today, it’s somehow serving the larger purpose of our lives and that there’s a two way street between this action you’re taking today and the consequences. You don’t know how many ways you can have abundance in your life within a span of a day. The gift you can give yourself is to live fluidly and with a commitment that no matter what your circumstances, all obstacles can be gone tomorrow. I want you to imagine and visualize yourself with the end goal in mind. If you have debt and want to pay it off, imagine yourself paying it all off. Remove the authority it has in your psyche. Don’t make it a big deal. Visualize yourself feeling that anything that gives the debt weight or authority in your life is starting to disappear. Then think about why this debt serves you or your current financial circumstances serve you. Does it serve a purpose? If not, then you don’t need it and imagine that debt is a person that you no longer need to have in your life. I want you to now imagine that everything you do supports your new vision financially. If it’s the food you eat or the way you move your body, imagine yourself feeding that which you want. Practically, are you making the true financial decisions you need to make this vision a reality?

Questions to ask yourself are:

  • Am I taking full responsibility for myself or do I expect to be taken care of?
  • Am I actually going to prevent this vision from occurring because I’m afraid I won’t be supported financially?
  • Am I really considering selling part of myself or can I hold onto my integrity about my idea?
  • Can I explore the depths of my spirit in relationship to one of the fundamental energies of the human experience? It’s a spiritual journey in which we face an energy that has always had authority. Who controls and what controls your inner guidance and emergence as a spiritual being on this planet? If you follow the financial end, you’ll repress yourself for the rest of your life. Look at what it’s already caused you to choose in your life. 

My last question to you is this:

If this relationship with money were completely healthy, who would you be today and what decisions would you make?

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