177: Your Next 5 Years


Welcome to episode #177 of the Own Your Best Life Podcast. I’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a while now and cannot wait to share with you that you, yes YOU – are invited to my Next 5 Years Virtual retreat. If you need a bit of time for yourself to figure out what you really want, now is the time. I’m going to share with you what happened for me when I created my 5 year plans – also what happened when I didn’t – so you can learn from my mistakes and get yourself on track quicker than I did.

I remember hearing this quote that experience is the most expensive way to learn. I love this because I know for a fact that I will fail, but I love to also learn and never give up. I’ve created a really solid mentality that I never fail in the truest sense because I will always learn.

This is why I wanted to take the time to record this podcast. To share with you what I learned about the 5 year planning process that really helped me – and also how I didn’t do it – and why that didn’t work out so well for me either.

The best time to plan is now, always. I remember that I was so busy in the doing and succeeding in high school, that I didn’t really think about what I wanted to do for college or after that. It helped me stay focused and work hard where I was, but when I started applying for colleges, I assumed that I had done enough work by just doing well where I was today. I had the SAT scores, the extracurriculars, the grades. I was expected to go to top tier colleges and schools and when I didn’t get into any of my top choices, I remember that moment of confusion and shock. What happened? 

I didn’t know what I really wanted and in a world where people are competing for top spots at these top schools, I didn’t actually have what it takes to get in. We think that just doing what we’re doing well is enough when really we need to spend enough time doing what we do now, well and also an appropriate amount of time thinking about what we desire and what’s next in our lives.

I did what many of you are doing now, work so hard on the things right in front of you that I never had a moment to think about what comes after. Then 5 or 10 years goes by and you wonder, is this what I really wanted? Is this what I want next? What now? 

I just had this massive realization that I took my success for granted. So from then on, I took planning a lot more seriously. I really took the time to think about what I wanted – and created a 5 year plan for myself when I applied to business school. I did that 5 year plan to a T – and I’ve reverse engineered all the things that worked so I can try to explain it as succinctly as I can – so that you too, can have whatever you want in life more easily than I did.

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That’s it for this week. Have an amazing one and I’ll talk to you next time.

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