Creativity is your birthright.

Creativity is your birthright.

12:30 - 5:00 PM EST | APRIL 23rd, 2022
When you want to create something new, you start from scratch.
That's what we do in the Creative Living Retreat. We design Your Next 5 Years from the bottom up.


Do you feel ready to figure out what you want in your next 5 years? Is there a part of your life that you want to change? Are you feeling the need to reinvent yourself?

In this 1 day virtual Creative Living retreat, we take the ambiguous and make it clear.

Clarity that leads to action.

Clarity in what you want next in your career. Clarity in what you want for your relationships. Clarity in your financial goals. Clarity in your health.

Welcome to the Creative Living Retreat: Your Next 5 Years


May has opened me up to emotional barriers I didn't even know I had — my work with her has been transformative. I'm not one to open up to many and tend to be best at tapping into my willpower so I can power through. I’ve been seeing May for monthly coaching and like many of us, my pandemic experience has been difficult. Despite things seeming to fall apart, I've made good career moves and felt how powerful her support and coaching have been. I learned to catch myself with negative thinking patterns and become more in sync with my purpose and my values. I've recognized what I have control over and what I don't, and I feel so much more empowered to take charge of my life and recognize my priorities to create a more meaningful life. This transition hasn’t been immediate and she understands very well that it’s a process to change. She has such an intuitive way of knowing how to inspire and motivate you, and how to hold space for your emotions when needed. As I've kicked many of the negative thought patterns out, she's been so loving and patient in the process. I’ve felt accepted, heard, and supported in new ways, recognizing that it’s a very human thing to have ups and downs in life.


“My work with her has been transformative.”

Telling you that you have to choose between living with creative energy and living with stability or professional success.  

Asking if what you want is legitimate and why you aren't happy doing what you've always done. Or thinking that something must be really wrong if you want to do something that brings you more joy.

You haven't done things wrong and I don't want you joining this retreat out of fear of failure.

More than ever, the world needs people who are fully expressing what they have to offer the world. There are so many opportunities to live creatively while making money and enjoying your life. 

You don't have to be an artist or writer to be creative. You just have to be a human.

Many people think living creatively means giving up security and growth.

I believe Living creatively is a spiritual pursuit, a natural expression of who you are.


Once you create your 5 Year Plan to live creatively, you will be compelled to do the things you've been procrastinating.

It will set you up to develop shorter term goals, action plans and belief plans to drive these ideas to completion.

Opening up a sense of freedom to live a life that doesn't look like someone else's - yet one that YOU deeply believe in - a life on your own terms.



Decide what your goals are in 4 pillars of Spiritual Achievement™: Spirituality, Achievement, Energy, Harmony.

We will create five year goals that are both purpose-driven and results-oriented. 

Becoming an entirely different person 5 years from now doesn't mean you are less authentic or genuine. Different means being more you than you ever were before.

Finally understanding who you are is the crux of creative living. Who you are is more than what you do, how you make money, your family, status or accomplishments. Not sure what that means? This is exactly why we will go there - to push you beyond what you know today.

Here's What You'll Learn



from purpose to impact

redesign & reinvent

There are habits and behaviors that will determine what your life looks like not just today, but in 5 years. Many of these behaviors are running on autopilot and we live a life today that looks very much like yesterday.

We will identify what you will no longer do to make space for your growth. You will learn what patterns you want to create so that it is simple to continue moving forward towards your vision.



Your life is shaped by the decisions you make.

You will be asked to make decisions that commit you to a new way of living. Of starting the process of putting the same level of effort you put into living the way others expect, to living the way you expect.

Decisions like what work you will pursue and when, who you want to be around and why, and how you manage your wealth and health every single day.




A 5 Year Plan in both your personal and professional life.

How does this sound?

Clarity in the decisions you will need to make.



the results you're going to get:

Identifying what you will do LESS of to have MORE impact.


A deeper understanding of who you are, what motivates you and why.


A map of what you want to create in your life.


How It Works

You will be guided through a process for creative living and 5 year plan development. 

Experience guided meditations and visualizations that aid you in gaining clarity in creating your 5 year plans.

You will receive coaching in the group as we go through the teachings and learn from others who also seeking to live creatively.


Taking time out of your every day experience allows you to pause and reflect.

Instead of doing more of the same, we will be asking you to gain clarity first.

This may feel slow, but it is the fastest way to your own version of success.

We will take a pause to redefine what success means to you now, and in 5 years. This is your strategic planning retreat.


You will receive one 1:1 coaching session as a follow-up so that you can continue to refine your thinking.

Coaching provides accountability to the decisions you made during the retreat, and is an opportunity to commit to your creative life.


“Working with May has opened my eyes to a new way of of thinking, living and working.

LIAN got her groove back:


“Despite all my fears and doubts, May helped me take the steps needed to help begin building my new career"

AVNI Started her own biz


real results

A year from you will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

“May offers the perfect blend of spiritual and practical life and career advice.”

She understands where I am coming from and knows the right approach to help me reverse my negative thoughts. She has not only helped me progress in my career, but she also got me into the right mindset to break free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes. She changed the way I think, feel and interact with others on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. My favorite compliment over the past few months has been when people voice how calm and collected I am, when previously I was known to be frantic and a worrier. I truly believe in the magic that is May and recommend her to my friends who are looking for a positive change in their life.

cathy broke free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes

Yes, change is possible.

“Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful"

My session with May was precise and direct, straight to the source of my essence and heart. Having a session with her was like being spotted by a dear friend through a crowd of strangers. She knew what I was dealing with on a soul level, created a compassionate space, and was able to guide me to my next level of evolution in half an hour. Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful.

shellie was guided to her next step of her evolution

“I found new light in my life and saw new possibilities in front of me where I had previously seen only dead ends.”

She was always very generous with her time and advice, and held space for us during and in between sessions. Slowly, over the course of several months, I found new light in my life and saw new possibilities open in front of me where I had previously seen only dead ends. She helped me see what I might have missed, and pay attention to things that she knew I valued. One of the most memorable pieces of advice from her that I still carry with me is, "when you pick something up and tell me that it is a problem for you, you can't just put it back down and then ignore it..." She held me to account to confront hard things, kindly and gently, but also firmly. May's coaching and reliable presence has been an integral companion on my healing journey.


“Wise, encouraging, creative, intelligent and patient.”

May is an exceptional coach and leader: wise, encouraging, creative, intelligent, and patient, her leadership coaching and online programs, as well as her weekly podcasts, have been instrumental to self-reflection and in turn my emotional and spiritual growth during the past 18 months. Her in-person retreat highlighted her talents and experience wherein we engaged in meditation, intention setting, energy work, journaling, and much more (including fine dining). May has a gift of understanding her clients’ respective needs and goals and providing the appropriate tools and environment for self-attainment. I look forward to continuing my journey with May and would strongly encourage any person who seeks to grow, discover, and learn to do so.

Jen found new possibilities

“It's like the best version of the gym, spa, zen retreat and business school all rolled into one.”

May is beautifully talented at opening up space for self discovery & consciousness, while providing practical tools for real world action. She sees in me what I'm often not able to see in myself. We've worked together to break down hardened walls of stories and fear I've created, unlocking ways for intuition and heart to flourish. She's empowered me with the ability to better create those spaces of awareness myself, for in-the-moment mindfulness and less reactionary, better decision making. 

May is results oriented. Along with her business experience, I appreciate how studied she is across a wide spectrum of behavioral, psychological, and spiritual literature. She brilliantly articulates and personalizes that knowledge into tangible ways for improvement across all areas of my life, be it through five year career plans, health or relationship goals.  

To every interaction, May brings a strong presence of positive & calming energy. She has an uncanny ability to listen, connect, and enlighten. She also challenges and helps hold me accountable towards achieving at my greatest potential. 

I look forward to every group, 1:1 session and retreat with May. It's like the best version of the gym, spa, zen retreat and business school all rolled into one.

I'm very grateful to have May by my side on the journey of this one precious life.

SIDNEY unlocked ways for intuition and her heart to flourish

This is the perfect time to start your coaching journey. Whether you have big goals already or want to develop new ones, join the Creative Living retreat to refine your thinking. If you would like to work with me, you have the opportunity to apply your payment to 1:1 Private Coaching program. All private clients receive access to virtual retreats, on-demand trainings, group coaching, individual coaching and more.

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“This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.”



“I feel more energetic, creative, confident..." 



May's coaching program has helped me change my life. I feel more energetic, creative, confident, and every day I am getting better and better at connecting with the gifts the universe is offering me. May put me back in touch with my spirituality, helped me realize my own personal health and fitness goals, and has helped me get "unstuck". I particularly love her guided meditations and the way she frames questions in such a way that an area of your life suddenly opens up before you and new ideas and possibilities begin to flow. I am forever grateful! 

It’s been a couple weeks since our program ended and not a day has gone by where I haven’t reflected upon the experience. I am 100% a changed person. A woman who has never been more calm, relaxed, grounded, hopeful, and excited. I signed up on a whim as I was feeling lost and looking for career guidance. What I got out of it was so much more. More than I planned and expected. I am expanding in so many ways but also getting in touch with who I really am. Through our work together and with the group, I understand now what is most important to me and how to continue making those things important. While I joined to find the one “thing” which is my next career move, that is now not even the most important thing in my life! And that to me is so cool!


“I am 100% a changed person”



She has an incredible gift that can help you to see your true path but also how and why you are not fully living it presently. May gave me practical tips that I can do daily in order to reconnect and fully be present in my life as is.


“She has an incredible gift that can help you see your true path”



She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues that were concerning me, and offered a perspective that helped me to see things in a new way. After the session was over, I felt calm and lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There are several nuggets of wisdom from our session that I have been thinking about often and am trying to apply every day.


“She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues..." 



I'm May, your new let's-do-this friend.

My speciality is taking driven, ambitious seekers to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, their divine wisdom, and to their spirituality.

I help professionals and entrepreneurs figure out what’s next to live a more fulfilling life and live that life. As a Columbia MBA and Columbia Certified coach who has spent years on the front line, from operations to management consulting to sales strategy and training across multiple industries and Fortune 500 companies, I know what it takes to achieve while feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. When I added the study of spirituality and purpose to my life, everything changed. I found my calling and I’ve made it my mission to help others achieve their big goals while also enjoying their lives.

more about me >

hey there!

we teach you about stamina, not just a life of sprints

It's easy to talk about how to push really hard for your goals, but it's more challenging to teach about how to expand time. We cover off on how you use your energy and how to recover your energy so that you are able to live a life where time, your most precious resource, is dedicated to that which you love the most.

be coACHED anywhere in the world

plan for what's next in your life


Follow a proven roadmap

I will provide you the tools, support and guidance to map out the most important aspects of your life. Ultimately, however, your commitment to changing your life will take you to your next level. When you apply the teachings to your life, that's when the magic happens.

This program includes everything you need to live a fully aligned life.

Living a life aligned with your values.

Being more present in your relationships.

Having more fun.

Making decisions even when you're uncertain.

Learning who you are and express yourself.

Finding more energy in your everyday experiences.

Creating a life on your own terms, doing what matters most.

If you want these next 5 years to be the ones that you *finally* commit to:


This is for you if:

You want to create a vision for what's next.

You don't want TO change your life or thinking.

YOu are looking to up-level your resilience.


you're ready for change and open to the unknown.

It's probably not for you if...

YOU don't want to make time for coaching.

What if I'm interested in 1:1 Coaching?

If you haven't already, schedule a consultation where we will discuss your goals and the exact next steps you need to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What certifications do you have?

I have an MBA from Columbia and am certified as a coach through Columbia's Coaching Certification Program.

I also have certifications in Situational Leadership, Inside Out Coaching, Fierce Conversations, Core Motivators, Insights Discovery, Reiki, Yoga and Chakra Healing.

What if I can't make this session?

This will be recorded so you can watch the replay if you can't join live.

What is the date/time for the virtual retreat?

The virtual retreat will be from 12:30 PM EST - 5:00 PM EST on April 23rd, 2022.


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Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested is an important one! Let's connect and figure out what your goals are and what kind of support is the best fit for you.