The 2022 virtual planning retreat.

Let's do this.


Welcome to Your Best Year.

Welcome to Your Best Year.

a Virtual Planning Retreat to Create a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Is it time to PLAN 2022?

Digital Recording now available

December 12, 2021 | 12:30 - 4:30 PM EST

Well, hello there friend! You are amazing, perfect as you are, and I'm so excited to be sharing this virtual version of my latest planning retreat to help you have a life you are worthy of.

In this retreat, you'll be in the energy of change, up-leveling and high vibrations from wherever you are in the world.

The High Vibe Experience You've Been Looking For

Ready for your BEST YEAR?

I loved the retreat. I hope that you offer more of them. It meant so much to me in so many different ways. I felt physically good when I left. I felt more in tune spiritually. I felt validated in my feelings and the direction I want to take my life in. I left feeling that I had a strong plan for the future and good resources to use as I move forward. Thank you so much for a meaningful day.


“I left feeling like I had a strong plan for the future.”

I'm multi-passionate, a yoga teacher and also a mom of 2 young girls. I've changed my career multiple times to pursue my passions and have studied both spirituality as well as business leadership. My speciality is taking driven, ambitious women to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, their divine wisdom, and to their spirituality.

If there's a goal you want to achieve for 2022 or you just need time to reset your life, this intimate, high-vibe planning retreat is for you.

Join me, a Columbia-certified leadership and mindset coach for the driven and spiritually curious, as I reveal essential methods for creating clarity and manifesting the life you desire in 2022.

You will leave with not only a clear plan, but also new tools and rituals for 2022. Most importantly, you will gain clarity and confidence that you WILL take the actions to create the life you desire.

I've been there too.

This isn’t just a “how to manifest” ReTREAT. This is a RETREAT TO integratE your life experiences and lessons from the Universe with practical and tangible tools so that you can CREATE a life you LOVE

but guess what...

I used to think that this creative, fun, choose-your-own-adventure type of life was for other people who were born that way or wired for risk, but I now see that this life is for anyone that wants to claim it as their own.



We will cover the laws of manifestation and how to bring in abundance of any kind (financial, spiritual, emotional) into your life.
- Making it feel easy instead of hard and overwhelming
- Opening yourself to all possibilities
- How most people have the art of attracting backwards and how to rearrange your thinking to attract what you want

I'll show you how to be guided and led to navigate life in the direction of your soul's purpose so that you can have a life beyond your wildest dreams.
- The 3 keys to intuition and how to unlock your abilities
- How to answer the questions you have about life and the decisions you need to make
- Experiencing a connection to your divine wisdom

Here's What You'll Learn



PART one

part two

Create a roadmap of clear set of goals and actions you will take after the retreat:
- Defining your #1 priority
- Taking into account all the areas of your life (instead of sacrificing health for your work)
- Reviewing obstacles and addressing what may get in your way


PARt four

We'll show you how to live with health as your wealth every single day and create habits that work for you.
- Rituals that change your behavior
- Embedding energetics to heal


Part Three


Reconnecting with yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally.

How does this sound?

Creating a plan for 2022 and the resources to support you.



the results you're going to get:

Digging into what you want in life, right here, right now.


A holistic view of your life; where you are and where you want to be.


Taking time to clear your head and make space for what's to come.


How It Works

Live 4 hour virtual retreat with guided meditations, lessons and creative journaling.


Journaling prompts, affirmations, and meditations for you to integrate into your daily life and tap into a new level of consciousness

daily practices

A 1:1 Akashic records reading where we will activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity and reminding you of who you are


“Working with May has opened my eyes to a new way of of thinking, living and working.

LIAN got her groove back:


“Despite all my fears and doubts, May helped me take the steps needed to help begin building my new career"

AVNI Started her own biz


real results

Your life is about to take a new direction...

So let's get started!

“May offers the perfect blend of spiritual and practical life and career advice.”

She understands where I am coming from and knows the right approach to help me reverse my negative thoughts. She has not only helped me progress in my career, but she also got me into the right mindset to break free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes. She changed the way I think, feel and interact with others on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. My favorite compliment over the past few months has been when people voice how calm and collected I am, when previously I was known to be frantic and a worrier. I truly believe in the magic that is May and recommend her to my friends who are looking for a positive change in their life.

cathy broke free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes

It's always the right time for inner work.

“Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful"

My reading with May was precise and direct, straight to the source of my essence and heart. Having a reading with her was like being spotted by a dear friend through a crowd of strangers. She knew what I was dealing with on a soul level, created a compassionate space, and was able to guide me to my next level of evolution in half an hour. Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful.

shellie was guided to her next step of her evolution

“I found new light in my life and saw new possibilities in front of me where I had previously seen only dead ends.”

She was always very generous with her time and advice, and held space for us during and in between sessions. Slowly, over the course of several months, I found new light in my life and saw new possibilities open in front of me where I had previously seen only dead ends. She helped me see what I might have missed, and pay attention to things that she knew I valued. One of the most memorable pieces of advice from her that I still carry with me is, "when you pick something up and tell me that it is a problem for you, you can't just put it back down and then ignore it..." She held me to account to confront hard things, kindly and gently, but also firmly. May's coaching and reliable presence has been an integral companion on my healing journey.

JEN found new light and possibilities

Subtle shifts do lead to radical happiness. May Cause Miracles is a 40 day meditation program with 40 guided daily meditations and practices that cover your self-perception, self-worth and net worth, relationships and more.

Sign up today and you'll have access to May Cause Miracles, a 6 week digital program.

additional experiences



“today is a good day to have a good day.”


Have a greater understanding about how you are living to your values, and what to do when you're not.

Have created a clear 2022 action plan.

The ability to state what it is you want most right now, and what you will no longer tolerate.

Have inspired yourself to think in new ways and challenge your status-quo. 

Have greater trust in yourself, your decisions and your new direction in life.

Be a part of a community of modern seekers who are looking for their version of more.

By the end of YOUR BEST YEAR RETREAT, you will...


May Empson is a shining light. Her retreat was so beautifully crafted and perfectly curated. Each journaling exercise gave us space and time to think and assess and dream. It was the perfect combination of reflection of the year that passed, and goal setting and manifesting the future we desire. She is a miraculous space holder. This retreat was both practical and magical. I can’t wait to work with her again! ❤️❤️❤️

— colleen

“Both practical and magical”



I attended May’s visioning retreat not too long ago and I found the experience to be so valuable! She is a talented and grounded facilitator and coach with an undeniable wealth of knowledge. I loved her intuitive approach to goal planning and the powerful visioning exercises which got me so excited and aligned towards my goals. Her style is a wonderful balance between the masculine and feminine energies, combining her corporate/business background with her intuitive and spiritual talents. If you have the chance to work with her, take it! Thank you so much May for your workshop, your gifts and your incredible guidance!!


“Excited and aligned towards my goals”



She has an incredible gift that can help you to see your true path but also how and why you are not fully living it presently. May gave me practical tips that I can do daily in order to reconnect and fully be present in my life as is.


“She has an incredible gift that can help you see your true path”



She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues that were concerning me, and offered a perspective that helped me to see things in a new way. After the reading was over, I felt calm and lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There are several nuggets of wisdom from our session that I have been thinking about often and am trying to apply every day.


“She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues..." 



I'm May, your new lets-do-this friend.

My speciality is taking driven, ambitious seekers to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, their divine wisdom, and to their spirituality.

more about me >

hey there!

But this didn't happen by accident. 

I created the retreat I wanted for myself when I was having my first baby, changing careers, feeling overwhelmed by the demands at work and home - and knew that I needed something to change.

This is the exact process I go through to rework, realign and shift my thoughts to create the reality I desire each day and each year.

I remember how different my life was a year ago, and the year before that.
I've worked through burnout and exhaustion, overcoming co-dependency and cultural conditioning.
I now live a life where I have a sense of play and creativity, all while being a mom and wife.

Life isn't easy, but these practices have made my life better every single day.

Love yourself enough to give yourself the chance to see what's possible. 

Whether you are birthing a new baby, new relationship, new career, or a new passion into your life - take time to get out of your daily routine so that you can craft a new one.

If you're still reading, now it's your turn. It's time to sign up.

now it's your turn.

This retreat is one of a kind because...

it blends the spiritual and the practical.

I take you through the mindset shifts and the meditation strategies that I used to break through to a new identity. I show you the steps I took to start living a life of more mental freedom, with daily strategies that ladder up to a greater life plan. We use your spiritual energy as the life force to your worldly achievements.

we teach you about stamina, not just a life of sprints

It's easy to talk about how to push really hard for your goals, but it's more challenging to teach about how to expand time. We cover off on how you use your energy and how to recover your energy so that you are able to live a life where time, your most precious resource, is dedicated to that which you love th emost.

connect from anywhere in the world

plan for what's next in your life


Follow a proven roadmap

I will provide you the tools, support and guidance to map out the most important aspects of your life. Ultimately, however, your commitment to changing your life will take you to your next level. When you apply the teachings to your life, that's when the magic happens.

This retreat includes everything I used to create an executable vision.

Bring in abundance of any kind into your life.

Make life feel easy instead of hard or overwhelming.

Open yourself to all infinite possibilities.

Unlock your connection to your divine wisdom.

Create wellness rituals that allow you to thrive physically.

Embed energy techniques to heal your body.

Create an action plan with tangible next steps. 

If you've decided that this year is the one where you:


Let's Do This!


When is the retreat?

This is a digital recording that you can play anytime. Schedule your own personal retreat when it works for you, hit play and let the magic happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Akashic Records Reading?

It's a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, to become fully whole and reminding you of who you are.

What if I can't make the retreat live?

This is the recording for those who couldn't make it live - you can watch it at your leisure, when it works for you.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Give yourself 4 hours (there are 2 breaks of 15 min each) to experience the retreat. Grab your journal and a pen. Most importantly, bring a willing heart and open mind.

Can I also have 1:1 coaching?

This is a group program but email us at support@mayempson.com to add on optional 1:1 coaching package.

When do I receive the May Cause Miracles program?

You will get immediate access to May Cause Miracles digital program.

What if I don't even know what I want?

That's ok. We'll work to discover and envision what an extraordinary life looks like on your terms.

Is this going to cover physical health?

Yes - intuition is also found in the body and we will work through how to create thriving physical health.

email me

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested is an important one! Let's connect and figure out what your goals are and what kinds of support is the best fit for you.