Spiritual Achiever   Stand Out & Lead Retreat.

Let's do this.


Spiritual Achiever
Stand Out & Lead Retreat.

Spiritual Achiever
Stand Out & Lead Retreat

envision what's next and begin again

A sacred trip to stop hiding so you can stand out and lead your next chapter.

A sacred trip to stop hiding so you can stand and and lead your next chapter.

You are invited to spend 6 days with a collective of other soul achievers and seekers this coming September 2024 at the Spiritual Achiever Stand Out & Lead Retreat from September 24-29, 2024.

In the orchards, valleys and vineyards is where you'll find yourself again - a perfect setting for renewal, creativity and a fresh start.

The Visioning Experience You've Been Looking For

who do you want to be in your next chapter?

May is an exceptional coach and leader: wise, encouraging, creative, intelligent, and patient, her leadership coaching group and online programs, as well as her weekly podcasts, have been instrumental to self-reflection and in turn my emotional and spiritual growth during the past 18 months. Her in-person retreat highlighted her talents and experience wherein we engaged in meditation, intention setting, akashic energy work, journaling, and much more (including fine dining). May has a gift of understanding her clients’ respective needs and goals and providing the appropriate tools and environment for self-attainment. I look forward to continuing my journey with May and would strongly encourage any person who seeks to grow, discover, and learn to do so.

— NAN, New York, nY

“I look forward to continuing my journey with May”

I loved the retreat. I hope that you offer more of them. It meant so much to me in so many different ways. I felt physically good when I left. I felt more in tune spiritually. I felt validated in my feelings and the direction I want to take my life in. I left feeling that I had a strong plan for the future and good resources to use as I move forward. Thank you so much for a meaningful day.


“I left feeling like I had a strong plan for the future.”

I worked with May for a year and I'm in a completely different place both mentally and physically than I was when we started coaching. I just accepted an offer for my dream job, I feel physically strong and healthy, but most importantly I have better tools to manage the way I perceive life. 

I was hesitant to make the commitment because I have tried countless tools and worked with many therapists before. But what ultimately convinced me is her approach of combining spirituality with practical leadership skills. The coaching was very actionable, with tangible, measurable results. But also focused on who I am as a person and what I want to embody. 

I think what sets May apart from most coaches is that she comes from a very impressive professional background and she understands and can advise on a lot of complex work challenges across various industries. But at the same time just as naturally she cleanses your chakras and guides you on an energetic level. This is extremely rare.

I would also recommend going on one of her retreats. I went 6 months ago and I still listen to the retreat playlist in an attempt to bring some of that energy into my everyday life. Not to mention a newly acquired habit of drinking warm lemon water every morning. 
10/10 best investment. 


“I just accepted an offer for my dream job.”

I am so grateful to May for an absolutely beautiful, spacious, and transformative retreat.

Many shifts inside and out are already happening-thanks to the restorative nature of this retreat, the opportunity to try something new, and the space to explore my own beliefs and be in community with a wonderful group of people.


“Beautiful, spacious and transformative.”

I'm multi-passionate, a yoga teacher and also a mom of 2 young girls. I've changed my career multiple times to pursue my passions and have studied both spirituality as well as business leadership. My speciality is taking driven, ambitious achievers to the next level by reconnecting them with their purpose, their divine wisdom, and to their spirituality.

If there's a desire you want to bring to life or you just need time to reset your life, this intimate retreat is for you.

Join me, a Columbia-certified leadership and mindset coach for the driven and spiritually curious, as I guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

You will leave with not only a new sense of identity, but also tools and rituals for living with more perspective and clarity. Most importantly, you will start to shed the layers to be who you've always been.

I've been there too.

This isn’t just a “spend time in nature" ReTREAT. This is a RETREAT TO discover a greater sense of ease, purpose and surrender.

but guess what...

Imagine days filled with intention, yoga, meditation and ritual. We will create from within and embody our most truest selves.


Spiritual Achiever :
Stand Out & Lead Retreat

Arrive at the private villa of Les Pres Fleurs, get settled and meet other spiritual achievers who will walk this journey with you.
- Arrive
- Dinner
- Opening circle ceremony
- Visioning

Tap into intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom, empowering you to trust your instincts, make bold decisions, and lead authentically with confidence and conviction.
- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Market Excursion
- Lunch
- Session with May
- Dinner
- Stillness Practice

What You'll Experience



Day 1

Day two

Unlock the power of the subconscious mind to create your life's work more powerfully, productively and sustainably. 
- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Excursion
- Lunch & Leisure
- Session with May
- Dinner
- Embodiment Practice


DAY four

Unravel and rewrite the rules governing your life and what's possible in your next chapter.
- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Session with May
- Lunch & Leisure
- Session with May
- Hike & Sunset Dinner


DAY Three


We'll experience healing practices that relax the body, release tension and strengthen your systems - enabling you to carry out the legacy you are creating in your life/work.
- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Excursion
- Lunch & Leisure
- Healing
- Celebratory Dinner
- Closing Circle


DAY five

We will depart after breakfast, inviting ourselves back into our lives and our next adventures. Remembering who we are and the work we're meant to do in the world.
- Yoga
- Breakfast
- Departures



Reconnecting with yourself spiritually, physically and emotionally.

How does this sound?

Creating your next chapter with clarity and purpose.



What you'll discover

Full immersion healing and embodiment.


Yoga and hiking to ground and move energy.


Connection and collaboration with other spiritual seekers.


How It Works

6 Days and 5 nights to help you heal, create clarity and restore balance between mind/body/spirit. Be surrounded by sweeping views and breathtaking landscapes.
Discover the authentic and natural beauty of our country in a dreamlike setting made for comfort and relaxation.


Daily healthy and delicious foods prepared by local chefs, yoga and surfing to move your body, and time for meditation and relaxation.

daily self-care

We will activate a reconnection to your deepest knowing and soul-level awareness, allowing you to become fully whole within your authenticity and reminding you of who you are.

energy healing

“Working with May has opened my eyes to a new way of of thinking, living and working.

LIAN got her groove back:


“Despite all my fears and doubts, May helped me take the steps needed to help begin building my new career"

AVNI Started her own biz


real results

Your life is about to take a new direction...

So let's get started!

“May offers the perfect blend of spiritual and practical life and career advice.”

She understands where I am coming from and knows the right approach to help me reverse my negative thoughts. She has not only helped me progress in my career, but she also got me into the right mindset to break free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes. She changed the way I think, feel and interact with others on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. My favorite compliment over the past few months has been when people voice how calm and collected I am, when previously I was known to be frantic and a worrier. I truly believe in the magic that is May and recommend her to my friends who are looking for a positive change in their life.

cathy broke free of burnout, anxiety and bad vibes

It's always the right time for inner work.

“Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful"

My reading with May was precise and direct, straight to the source of my essence and heart. Having a reading with her was like being spotted by a dear friend through a crowd of strangers. She knew what I was dealing with on a soul level, created a compassionate space, and was able to guide me to my next level of evolution in half an hour. Phenomenal, mystical, meaningful.

shellie was guided to her next step of her evolution

“She has set me off on a path to self-love, and my world is starting to open up as I lead with love and align my values and my work."

I recently saw May in person for some energy work and we went deeper than I have ever gone. She helped me tap into and open up some deep pain that I had blocked off and guided me through the acceptance of that pain — it was such a cathartic experience. This experience has taught me the limitations of the thinking mind and the intuitive knowledge we have in our bodies. She has set me on a path to self-love, and my world is starting to open up as I lead with love and align my values and my work. 

SARAH SAW her world open up

Receive guidance and group coaching ahead of the retreat on your decisions, how to deepen your intuition and create space for what's next.

Sign up today and you'll have a bonus pre-retreat Coaching session

additional experiences



“today is a good day to have a good day.”


Filled up your well, creating resilience for the ups and downs of the human experience.

Created a clear intention for what you desire next in life.

Experienced stillness long enough to hear the sound of your inner truth.

Developed a deeper relationship to yourself and your inner wisdom. 

Filled your days with both life-giving activity and rest, showing you what's possible when you return home.

Be a part of a community of modern seekers who are looking for their version of more.

By the end of the spiritual achiever RETREAT, you will have...


 I am 100% a changed person. A woman who has never been more calm, relaxed, grounded, hopeful, and excited. 


“I am 100% a changed person”



She has an incredible gift that can help you to see your true path but also how and why you are not fully living it presently. May gave me practical tips that I can do daily in order to reconnect and fully be present in my life as is.


“She has an incredible gift that can help you see your true path”



She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues that were concerning me, and offered a perspective that helped me to see things in a new way. After the reading was over, I felt calm and lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. There are several nuggets of wisdom from our session that I have been thinking about often and am trying to apply every day.


“She effortlessly got right to the core of the issues..." 



I'm May, your new lets-do-this friend.

My speciality is taking driven, ambitious seekers to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, their divine wisdom, and to their spirituality.

more about me >

hey there!

But this didn't happen by accident. 

I realized the power of retreats, when I was having my first baby, changing careers, feeling overwhelmed by the demands at work and home - and knew that I needed something to change.

I realized the power of retreats when I wanted to step into the most authentic version of myself, knowing I couldn't do it without living the experience fully.

This retreat was created from listening to my own internal truth and guidance. The one that told me to surrender while I was in meditation at a yoga retreat. The one that told me to create retreats for those in transition when I was looking out into the clouds on a flight criss-crossing the country each week for my work.

The one that told me to that stillness leads to expansion.

I had a visualization of a circle of seekers coming from all over the world to answer their biggest questions.

No thoughts go unanswered.

This retreat is my answer to my questions.

If you're still reading, now it's your turn. It's time to sign up.

now it's your turn.

This retreat is one of a kind because...

it is built upon the energy of you.

Your energy affects everything. Your healing, your embodiment and your ability to accept life as it is. You also have a deep well of creative energy inside of you and I will guide you through energetic practices to come back to your own truth, lead from your soul, and move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

we create an experience of transformation

Transformation happens when we begin to understand how the world operates in relation to ourselves. Thoughts, beliefs, patterns and assumptions will be tested to see if they hold true. What remains is the transformation that is ready to take shape. You, as you, continuing to operate in the energy of love.

discover a new sense of identity

plan for what's next in your life


experience your internal compass

I will provide you the tools, support and guidance to map out the most important aspects of your life. Ultimately, however, your commitment to changing your life will take you to your next level. When you apply the teachings to your life, that's when the magic happens.

This retreat includes everything I used to create an executable vision.

Bring in abundance of any kind into your life.

Create a sense of natural ease and internal strength.

Open yourself to all infinite possibilities.

Unlock your connection to your divine wisdom.

Create wellness rituals that allow you to thrive physically.

Embed energy techniques to heal your body.

Release old patterns and identities that no longer serve you. 

If you've decided that this is the moment where you:


Let's Do This!


When and where is the retreat?

The retreat will be held on September 24-29, 2024 in Provence, France.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included?

A transformative experience to Stand out and Lead, Accommodations, Yoga, All Meals, and Trips/Excursions. 

What time do I need to arrive/depart?

Please arrive by 5 PM CET on 9/24 and depart after 1:30 PM CET on 9/29.

How many people will be attending?

There will be approximately 5-8 participants.

What if I am interested in coaching?

Email support@mayempson.com find out more about coaching.

What airport do I fly into?

Fly into Marseille, France (MRS) - 1 hr and 15 min away.

What do I need to pack?

We will be moving our bodies so feel free to pack comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, hiking and yoga. Bathing suits for swimming. We will send out a packing list prior to the trip. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Should you choose to cancel your participation in the Retreat prior to July 31, 2024 you can receive a refund of the total amount paid minus a non-refundable deposit of $500.

email me

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I completely understand. Every dollar invested is an important one! Let's connect and figure out what your goals are and what kinds of support is the best fit for you.